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Apr 29, 2013 01:34 PM

Pre-Fixe dinners in Westchester

Hey everyone....Looking for a nice/casual restaurant for weeknight that has a good pre-fixe menu. I'm on a budget but want to take a friend out for dinner someplace nice. Any cuisine is welcome, I can figure out what I want then..... Any recommendations?? Thanks!

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  1. Checkout Goldfish in Ossining. They have a per-fixe menu everyday but Saturday.

    1. What's your budget for a dinner? Sometimes, a prix fixe can be costlier than a la carte... And better food and larger portions on the Carte menu.

      Also, what part of Westchester? (Big place!)

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      1. re: lemarais

        I guess it's more about budget, Around $25-$35. I am guessing those are the prices give or take. Anywhere in Westchester works, I don't mind drivng. I have looked into Goldfish, that is an option also. Thanks!

        1. re: paris1976

          The last two times I've been to Goldfish (emphasis on LAST) food and service were terrible. Many restaurants do weekday pre-fixe...I like Terra Rustica in Briarcliff
          For your budget, there are several nice casual non-pre fixe restaurants with much better quality food than Goldfish imo--such as Umami in Croton, or Churresquiero Ribatejo or Doca's (which is also BYOB) Portuguese in Ossining. (Assuming you want to stay in the northwest part of Westchester).

      2. Halstead Ave Bistro in Harrison has one for under $30.

        1. Travelers' Rest in Ossining has a prix fixe of $29.95, including prime rib on Friday.

          1. Kittle house has a fixed price menu. I can't remember how much . Maybe $35? It comes with 3 courses. I like the tap room atmosphere better but it gets loud on Fri/sat nights.

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