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Apr 29, 2013 01:06 PM

El Gato, Burlington, VT

We had brunch at El Gato on Church Street before a performance at the Flynn yesterday afternoon. I'd totally forgotten this place existed until I saw them in a list for restaurant week. I had huevos rancheros and my husband got chilequiles.

Both were good. Though my husband said that the chilaquiles didn't compare to the version he had in San Diego, he also didn't expect it to. :) I liked my huevos, though I preferred the red sauce to the verde. Too much cilantro for me (I don't like cilantro). The salsa and chips brought out were good, though the chips we got were initially mostly broken bits. Our server grabbed the basket when she noticed it (I didn't say anything, was just nibbling on bits) and got us whole chips. :) We're looking forward to exploring their regular menu more.

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  1. Had lunch on Monday there. I got a carnita taco (they didn't have any lengua) and a grilled corn. Husband got a burrito. The corn didn't come out with the rest of the meal and we ended up waiting an annoying amount of time. Apparently the cook turned on the wrong burner under the corn. I was just about to tell them to not bother when it showed up. I ate it and it was tasty. And they comped it off our bill, without our asking. The food was otherwise completely OK. Better than mediocre, but not great. It was entirely competent. I don't know how often we'll eat there. Often, parking in downtown is a hassle. Though when we need to go into downtown for a show, this will definitely be at the top of the list.