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Apr 29, 2013 01:01 PM

Pancho y Emiliano: New Mexican Place in Kensington

I'm planning on checking this place out next week. Has anybody been yet?

Here's a link to the write-up in Post City:

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  1. Looks interesting, I noticed the sign this past weekend and I was like "what is this place"... Looking forward to your report.

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    1. re: ylsf

      Tried this place... Thought it was very meh. Not much charm either compared to other places in the hood.

      1. re: szw

        szw, I had the same reaction. I agree with helen that the people are nice and earnest, but I agree with you that the food was very meh. Fish tacos were very good, but other dishes were somewhat bland.

      1. re: ylsf

        Thanks for the link to the blogto write-up ylsf. I hadn't seen this. I'm really looking forward to trying it next week, and I will definitely report back :)

      2. have eaten there 2x now. excited that they have a lot of veg options! the people are very nice and earnest, and i hope they do well.

        the corn tortillas are very good. i assume they make them in-house. the vegetable tamale i had was also good (and was cooked in banana leaf instead of corn husks). the rajas (onion & pepper) filling for the veg taco i had wasn't that exciting (needs more flavour), but the corn tortilla made up for it. the spicy salsa wasn't too shabby.

        i had the chilaquiles with egg today and again, the fried tortillas (in the form of nachos) is a winner.. but the tomatillo salsa was pretty bland and too spicy for me (suffering from a stomach ache right now due to ingesting it a few hours earlier!), and the toppings were too few (supposedly has crema and cheese but i could barely detect any).

        churros are decent.. but the ones from pancho's bakery a few doors down are better.

        i plan to go back to try the other veg menu items.

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        1. re: helenhelen

          Thanks for sharing your experience Helen. I'm going on Monday, which can't get here soon enough :) Like I've said elsewhere, we can't have enough good Mexican in this city!

          1. re: kwass

            Went for lunch today and they were closed :(
            So disappointed!!

        2. I went today and had the chicken chilaquiles, which were so good I was close to lapping up the sauce. A fairly large portion but kind of light on ingredients other than chips and sauce, although this is what I have had in Mexico too, just a little bit of chicken and cheese in there. Of course in Mexico it would cost $2 instead of $7. The big window overlooking the intersection of Augusta & Baldwin is a great people-watching spot to wait for the food to come out. I hope they do well and I will return for other menu items. Unfortunately they had neither of my preferred flavours of Jarritos (tamarindo and toronja).

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          1. re: maple99

            Just went for a late lunch.. good food but it took a long to get it, leading to some very irritated people waiting. I had 2 tacos: one was the vegetarian option, and the other the chicken pibil. really enjoyed them both. My friend had the guacamole.. despite being "not hungry" she polished it off..