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Jun 27, 2002 02:28 PM

Brady, TX: goat barbecue

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Hi all,

Last night my girlfriend and I saw a program about the annual goat barbecue festival in Brady. I've been experimenting with goat in my own cooking for a couple of years, and am so excited by the prospect of the Brady event that I'm contemplating driving from my home in Athens, GA to attend.

Now, like most of the fare on food TV, the show we saw was pretty goofy, and I thought someone out there might be able to give me the lowdown. Any thoughts from those who've been? I'd be interested in hearing about the food (of course) but also about practical matters -- accomodations in or near Brady, other stuff to do (and eat) in the area, etc.


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  1. I saw it too, but I haven't been. Jere's a lionk though:


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    1. re: Frank M

      It's a great festival but I've never figured why they hold it on the absolute hottest weekend of the year. I'm talking 100F or more. It's brutal. Still, if you're serious about cooking kids, it would be a great place to learn.

      1. re: Greg Spence

        Kinda like having the Hot Sauce Festival(in Austin) in August too. How about having it around Christmas?

        1. re: Frank M

          Well, since cabrito is a seven-to-eighteen-pound, suckling kid slaughtered at thirty to forty days of age and the time when almost all kids are born is late spring to early autumn (thus making May through October "the season" for cabrito), it would seem "out-of-season" to have this festival at another time of year.

          1. re: Mesquite

            I don't think Frank and I are talking about an out of season festival. What I had in mind was anytime other than mid-June through mid-September. You know, when the air temperature is not into triple digits.

            1. re: Greg Spence

              Unfortunately, there really is no other time of year when cabrito are available. It's either triple-digit heat or no cabrito!

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            "Ed Morris



            "THANKS, "ED

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        John Morthland

        I've been lucky enough to be able to judge this event since '86, and have only missed one year in that time, so I have a bit of a different perspective than most. I consider the Brady BBQ Goat Cook-Off one of the high points of my year, and plan other things around it. It's definitely my favorite cook-off of the 3-4 I've judged, because the quality of the cooking is so high. We taste very little bad goat. Attendees buy their goat plates from the local Chamber of Commerce, which sponsors the event, and the few times I've sampled their cooking it's been fine. I also like the cook-off because the town has such a good sense of humor about it and provides small-town Texas hospitality at its best. The event is held on the park grounds in Brady, which are shaded and reasonably comfortable given that it's always around 100 degrees F on Labor Day weekend. It includes a crafts fair and various events like running, storytelling, cow-chip-throwing, etc. You should definitely arrive in time to hit the park Friday nite, when the cookers are all set up and having a big ol' time and cooking stuff other than goat for themselves to eat (many will give a stranger a sample), and a country band is playing for dancers; you can wander from site to site and talk with the competitors about how they cook goat etc. Friday nite is a good party for sure (but so is the main event Saturday daytime). As far as where to stay, there's a DAys Inn and a Best Western in Brady plus a few locally owned motels. They tend to fill up fast, as hunting season also begins that weekend. You may have to go to one of the nearby towns such as Mason, Llano, Menard or Eden to get a room, and these nearby towns are not all that near (30-60 mins away). There's not a lot else to do in the immediate area. Good BBQ (I prefer Laird's, tho Cooper's is better known) in Llano, roughly an hour away, and Enchanted Rock, Indian sacred ground, is another 15-20 mins. from there. Fredericksburg, a tourist-trap German town tho it does have its merits foodwise, is a half-hour or so from Llano. If you have time, the Hill Top Cafe on the Mason Hwy between Mason and Fredericksburg is the best eating in the area--innovative Cajun, Texan and Greek, really fresh seafood etc in a roadhouse setting. Brady itself has a lake, lotsa hunting and a few antique shops and bars (plus there's a street dance on the twon square Saturday nite after the cook-off). But not much else in the way of diversions, and the restaurants are, with an exception or two, Texas comfort food (Tex-Mex, chicken-fried steak, bbq). You could find out more by going to the Brady TX web site or calling the Chamber of Commerce there.

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        1. re: John Morthland
          Chuck Kirkpatrick

          Nice post. I grew up in Menard and San Saba and regret never making it to the goat cookoff in Brady.

          1. re: John Morthland

            Good overview, assessment. I love that part of Texas, especially Menard, Mason, San Saba, San Angelo, etc. Not spoiled yet like so much of the Hill Country closer to S.A./Austin.

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              Report from last years cook-off with results. This is the best food party I've ever been to in Texas. The crowd is friendly, the food superb and it's held in a giant park with hundreds of shade trees. Don't miss it.

              1. re: scrumptiouschef

                Brady Goat Cook Off 2011 is in the books

                The List of Winners:

                First: Team Six Pack

                Second: Big “O” Cookers

                Third: The Desert Rats

                Fourth: Texas Trophy Hunters Goat Cookers

                Fifth: Ross Farms

                Sixth: Haseloff Farms

                Seventh: Draggin Ass

                Eighth: Cabrito Locos

                Ninth: Get U Some of This

                10th: BS N BBQ
                Dug up a full report including pictures of the Goat Queen