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Apr 29, 2013 12:29 PM

Flipp'n Burgers - Calgary (Kensington)

Flippin' Burgers is at 330 10th Street NW in the location formerly occupied by Crepe Avenue (between the dollar store and the head shop).
They have been open for about a week or less.
It is a narrow space - about 15 seats - two booths (of 2) on one side; three tables on a long bench on the other and three seats at the front window. The orange/red walls are covered with old photographs - going for a diner vibe. Seems to be a family-run operation - owner on the burger plating/finishing station; spouse/partner greeting; son(?) of the owner on the cash register and someone else on the grill.
Menu is basically burgers, fries and shakes.
Burgers is local grain-fed beef - 6 oz patties (there is a veggie burger option).
Home-cut fries; yam fries available and frozen onion rings.

I ordered a bacon cheese burger with a small fry.
Lots of topping options - put on onions, lettuce, mayo and ketchup - just basic toppings for me.
Nice juicy burger - bun was soft without falling apart, cheddar cheese.
Small fries are pretty big (size of a pint carton) maybe a little underdone and the BBQ seasoning was not to my taste - I will get them to leave it off next time..
$13 - $8 cheese burger, $2 bacon add-on, $2.25 small fries.

Right now I would rate it as 3.5 out of 5. I liked the burger and it is early days still so I would give it another shot sometime.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. What is your definition of "local" grain fed beef? Does that mean beef that was raised in Alberta? No intent to be a smart alec, just wondering.
      If you`re ever down in Nanton south of Calgary, try a burger from Dave`s Burger Shack on the northbound Hiway 2 northside of town. One of the best burgers I`ve ever had....period!! Not cheap but excellent!

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      1. re: rancher rick

        Just repeating what I was told while in line - no solid evidence either way.

        I took it to mean Alberta beef.

        1. re: cancowboy

          Thank you for coming out and supporting Flipp'n Burgers! Thanks for the feedback cancowboy, you were also pretty accurate in the d├ęcor of our take out diner. We offer Burgers, shakes and fries and coming soon will be our monthly additional specials. We will be offering different burgers such as our lamb burger and our bison burger.

          Please let us know next time you come in and order fries, we will ensure we do not spice them for your order.

          Our local grain fed beef comes from Aspen Ridge Ranch, the cattle is raised and finished in Alberta. All of our meat is delivered fresh and has no added gluten and no fillers ever. Rancher Rick, come by and try us out, and please let us know if you have any further questions about the beef.

          1. re: FlippnB

            Will you guys have a website up anytime? Saw on Urbanspoon that you are gluten-free friendly, do you have GF buns and are your fries GF?

            My wife is celiac so if it's a go we look forward to trying you really soon!

            1. re: dknight

              The website should be up and running by this weekend :) Your correct we get GF buns delivered fresh and we cut our own fries. When you come in to order, ask that the fries not be spiced, I believe their may be traces of Gluten in the spice.

              We look forward to having you come by !

              1. re: FlippnB

                Thanks, FB.
                I will definitely stop by in the next while & check out the burgers & fries. Happy to hear that you cut your own fries.
                As you may have guessed, I raise cattle(grass fed) south of Calgary & am a little "particular" about where the beef is sourced. I appreciate that you run a commercial operation so sourcing ground beef from Cargill or XL just makes sense on that level.
                Wish you success in your venture!

                1. re: rancher rick

                  Thank you for the comments and feedback Rancher Rick. Spring Creek was our choice because their cattle are ethically raised in Alberta, and they employ biotechnology to convert the waste from the cattle into electrical energy. We are always on the lookout for great local Alberta suppliers who can offer excellent quality and deliver a great product.

            2. re: FlippnB

              S/B Flipp'n Burgers

              Sorry about getting the name (slightly) wrong - I will blame it on tax time.
              If a moderator can correct it, it would be appreciated.