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Apr 29, 2013 12:27 PM

Sausalito with a view

On one day of our 4 day SF trip we plan to be on our way back from Point Reyes in the late afternoon/early eveing. Is there a spot in Saulsalito where we can watch the lights come up in the city whilst we nibble on something good? We're pretty open as to food style. We have a Mission district day capped with Delfina, Dim Sum at Yank Sing, brunch at Zuni Cafe and a weekday market at the Ferry Bldg already planned.

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  1. Scoma's is good, at least for the view.

      1. re: Scott M

        I also say the Trident for what the OP wants. I've been there in its new incarnation and the food was quite good, the view the best possible. To say nothing of the 60s-70s history of the place :-)

        A very few photos:

        1. re: Malcolm Ruthven

          Forgot to mention the outside deck. The best views of course are from there.

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        1. I'll enter a dissent about the awesomeness of the food at Copita. I had a lunch there last year and I thought the food was not that great. Pretty boring, really, for Mexican food. Other people I know feel the same.

          1. re: Malcolm Ruthven

            plus one....I would describe the food at Copita as average, at best.

            1. re: Malcolm Ruthven

              My daughter and I were really unimpressed by Copita. While a couple of things were good, i.e. the salsas, one of their signature dishes the rotisserie chicken was so bland and dry, we sent it back, they took it off the bill and our server said they'd received so many complaints that they were changing the recipe. All in all, an underwhelming experience.

              If you're looking for a spectacular view, have a pre-dinner drink at the Spinnaker (free valet parking but only mediocre food) and then move on to one of the better area restos like Sushi Ran, Poggio or Fast Food Francais. BTW, if you order carefully (avoid complicated dishes, stick with simply prepared fish/seafood,) you can eat credibly well at Spinnaker)

              Fish has great food,water but no city views. Le Garage does as well.

              1. re: annabana

                I'm thinking that if I can get there in time, why not the best of both worlds: good food (maybe Poggio) AND good view (benches near the ferry after dinner. We'd be straight from Point Reyes dressed as you might imagine. Would this be a problem?

                1. re: conradical

                  All of the restos in Sausalito are casual. Poggio may be a tad more dressy than most, but you won't raise any eyebrows. F3 is super casual and so is the food, but its quite good. Its fairly new though and there will likely be a wait. Poggio is a good bet.