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Apr 29, 2013 12:12 PM

Pizza & Prices in NJ

Oh well, my thread got locked. And I don't have the key.

I thought Joon Joon brought up an interesting point.

I bought a pie today. Plain large 16" pie. The regular price is $12.95 plus tax, though I saved $2.00 off that because it's a Monday only pick-up special. Another place was $14.00. Pizza used to be cheap. I remember just a few years ago being able to get this same size pie for $8.00.

If I wanted to add toppings to that plain pie, yes, the cost would be approaching $20.00. But at a chain, there's usually a deal where I could get one or two pizzas with multiple toppings for around $10.00. My point is, not everyone can necessarily afford paying "local prices." (Joon Joon aside). :)

The pizza was for my wife and kid. I don't even eat it. :)

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  1. Stefano's in East Brunswick has a Monday night special where the time you order is the price you pay for a pizza. Order at 6:18 and pay $6.18.

    1. The plastic pizza chains are open pretty late, and you can order online without ever talking to anyone. They do quite a bit of business after 10pm. And on a good night, depending on where you live, they can usually beat their own time in under 30 minutes.

      Not saying anything to the quality or taste, but they do have their processes down to a science, and the market is supporting at least two out of the 3.

      And to be honest.. most of their customers probably wouldn't be found on this site.

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        And actually.. I didn't get a chance to say in the other thread, but the guy who owns most of the Domino's Franchises in Monmouth County is a local guy. He's built his business up over the past 25 or so years, and he employs' hundreds of local folk. Love it, hate it, or be indifferent. Your really not hurting Dominos in Ann Arbor Michigan, the first pocket hurt is the local guy, his managers, and his drivers.

      2. Actually, coldsoldier, you would be surprised-- (as I was). I'm sure there are chain pizza touters here, because there are very vociferous McD lovers here.

        I once dissed McD's on a thread about french fries, and there was a huge outcry of how great McD's is. (go figure!)

        Personally, even the mom n pop pizza these days is mostly awful, and the chain pizza is even worse. Main thing is the dough, it's thick and soft, horrible for a pizza.

        N.B. Some Mall pizza is up to $4 a slice. I suppose the ingredients cost has gone way up. Remember when bagels were 40 cents?

        1. I about died the last time I was at Maruca's in Seaside for pizza. Slices were almost $3 each (and they are small slices) and a whole pie was close to $30.

          1. Folks, if you want to compare the prices at various pizza places, that's fine, but please don't use this as an opportunity to restart the chain/anti-chain discussion from the previous thread. Thanks.