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Apr 29, 2013 12:07 PM

Enzo Pizza Bar

Address: 646 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1E4
Twitter: @EnzoPizzabar

Noticed some talk in the openings thread, but thought I'd start 'er up since I've been twice already and tried three pizzas.

I ordered both the Francesco (mushroom, mozz, olives, sausage, artichokes, roasted red) and Pepe (calabrese pepper, pepperoni, onion, olives) last week. They sorta tasted the same, though I want to say I liked Pepe better. Both were decent picks, though I don't have a lot of recall on them - I brought this back for work peeps and was distracted by work. I'd probably give both a go again some time to check. Co-workers voiced that they liked North Of Brooklyn better (we also had NoBo's Margh and Puttanesca the same day).

Had the Enza (buffalo mozz, fresh basil) today for lunch and really liked this one. The basil was nice and aromatic, the buffalo mozz was fresh and faintly buttery. Photo:

The crust: I like. On the thick side of thin and with good chew (more chewy than I think many people may like). The bake is just-toasty, and no significant charred bits. Gives it a nice (and even), crispy, outer shell. Taste of the dough is faintly sweet.

Overall, I like it for lunch. I feel the ingredients are good, the dough is tasty, and the cost is moderate (well, on the upper edges of that). Wasn't revelatory as that first bite of Libretto pizza years ago, but it's a good pie. Worth a try if you're in the area.

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  1. On another thread, justsayn was saying that the cheese on their pizza isn't a straight mozzarella, but a white-cheese-blend. I know you liked the cheese on the Enza, which was a Buffalo mozz, but overall what did you think of the cheese on the other pizzas you tried?

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      Sorry, the other pizzas didn't get a proper eval from me! I remember thinking "good" but that's about it.

      *edited for clarity

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        I haven't heard much yet, but the little I've heard hasn't been overly positive.

    2. I had a slice of their Enzo (equivalent of a Margh.) last week. They just opened that week I think.

      The dough was under-seasoned and dry. The marinara was watery and mozza/basil topping was skimpy, to say the least.

      My pizza slice tasted like stacked, dried-out, pita breads topped with runny canned tomato sauce.

      It's their first month. I will return in a couple, but my initial experience here was not good.

      1. I recalled this thread from a while back but I was in the area and debating between where to go for dinner and after walking in decided to give it a go.

        For those that don't know this is more of a "Quick" service style restaurant. I.e. you order at the counter to go or to eat in then sit down at one of the tables and they will bring it out to you. So, this isn't a typical full service place like Libretto. They have the menu on the wall with pre-selected "suggestions" (i.e. like the Pepe which I got) or you can customize it by selecting a white or red base and then adding protein/veggies/cheese.

        I ended up getting the pepe with "spicey supressata" instead of pepperoni because they ran out of pepperoni (not sure how a pizza place runs out of pepperoni! The point of a cured meat is that it keeps well no??). Anyway, they are a bit skimpy on the meat (literally 4 slices on the whole pizza) but overall I enjoyed the taste and texture (crispier than the other thin crust places I have been too... ie you can hold the slice without it really flopping over too much). My particular selection had spice from the meat and I think the peppers on it so that probably masked the flavour of the sauce but overall I thought the sauce was good (mine was not runny at all).

        One thing to keep an eye out for, they are repricing the menu and the one particular item I ordered was actually cheaper if I ordered the ingredients separately (not a huge different but still cheaper). When I pointed it out the owner sorted it out but just something to keep in mind.

        Overall, I would support this place again. The staff was friendly and the meal was quick/tasty.

        Considering there is now Sud Forno (and the main Terroni restaurant), North of Brooklyn, this place and of course Pizzaiolo and Pizza Pizza (k, couldn't resist) there is plenty of options in that area for pizza now

        1. For anyone who's interested, Enzo's is having a special promotion tomorrow. Here's the link: