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Apr 29, 2013 11:31 AM

Yanni grilling cheese - is it alright for a cheese to be fun?!?!

I walked by this in the grocery the other day and just had to have it. I cut the square in half and for cooking cut about 1/8" slice from that. A little butter in the skillet and fry it. It's tasty. I first had it one morning when I wanted an egg for breakfast but had no bread or meat so did this. I like it. And it's fun :) Anybody else had it?

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  1. Count me in! Food & fun, no down side. But I have never tried Greek Yanni cheese. I've pan fried paneer and halloumi. Is this a harder feta type cheese or close to halloumi in any way?

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      I knew that this sounded familiar. Must be the texture of haloumi, kinda mozzarella texture. It's actually a CA company using milk from CA animals. What can I do with it or maybe I should check for haloumi?

      1. re: c oliver

        I like this type of sturdy cheese grilled with lemon and capers; usually with a piece of fish. 'Cause while the fun of cheese holding up to a pan fry or grilling is fun, flavor wise the stuff needs a higher profiled partner to make a great meal.

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          ETA: this type of cheese goes really nicely with grilled peaches or grilled watermelon and honey (maybe a few toasted walnuts) too.

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            GREAT ideas! I adore grilled peaches. Especially with some foie gras :)

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              c o, just a quick aside, pls start a thread sometime about foie gras. I'd welcome your thoughts using all the same facets we employee to cheese buying, prep, storage, recipes and tips. I'm clueless when it comes to fg. I marvel at some of the restaurant reviews surrounding it and I never order it.

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                I'm no expert but, sure, why not?

                ETA: Where? HC or GT

                1. re: c oliver

                  But you adore it and in my book that's reason enough. So thanks, I'll keep an eye out for your thread.

    2. I love this sliced and pan-fried then topped with a dollop of mango or pineapple salsa. Disappears like magic at parties, and so quick and easy!

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        So obviously there are plenty of ways to serve it at room temp. Gotta try that.