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Apr 29, 2013 11:06 AM

small outdoor propane burner

I've been trying to obtain a small outdoor propane burner, but haven't found anything suitable yet. There are some good ones that are way to big (54k btu), used for heating huge pots of boiling water at the beach for a crab boil, I guess. Those would not be useful for low temperature cooking. I've seen a couple of smaller (13k btu) ones that were really poorly assembled, or poorly recommended.

I'm thinking about using it for emergency cooking, if my electricity were to go out for some days. Or I could use it as an auxiliary burner for my gas grill. It would have to be able to maintain low to medium heat, and attach to my propane tank.

Any experiences or ideas? Thanks.

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  1. Completely unsure about your BTU thoughts, but wouldn't a "Korean-style" portable butane work?
    Although the description does say it does 10K; in personal experience you can run a verrrrrry low heat.

    Check out your nearest Asian store-- as with about everything, some are well made and some are cheap.

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    1. re: Kris in Beijing

      Those table top butane burners are probably the safest option for use inside, and are fine outside if the weather is nice. I use mine, for example, to grill meat or fish outside, or to char peppers.

      Camping stores have a number of propane choices. There are for example 2 burner models from Coleman, Primus, etc. Even the classic Coleman 2 burner white gas stoves can be easily converted to propane. Many of these camping propane stoves are designed to work with the 1 lb canisters, but are easily adapted to use a larger refillable canister.

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        I've considered butane, but since I already have propane I'm hoping to stick with that.

      2. How about a camp stove from an outdoor store such as REI?

        1. well people make them for camping and things but when you mentioned you want to stay with propane (I have a few of the butane ones already linked to) - are you looking for one that hooks up to a BBQ type propane tank?

          The ones I've seen (this is just a random one that came up in a quick google search) all use small propane tanks. I don't know if the regulator would fit onto a large tank . . .

          But they make small propane ones . . .

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            Yes, I want to hook up to a regular gas grill propane tank. I already have a regulator. Here's a link to a possibility, but some customer comments said it's poorly made.

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              This aliexpress stove uses the isobutane canisters that are popular with backpackers.

            2. I'd recommend a 2 or 3-ring burner.

              Yes, the BTU rating is probably higher than you are looking for...but...

              If you have an adjustable regulator, you can lower & raise the flame...


              You can get these burners where each ring has their own control valve. This means you can turn a ring on or off independently. On a 3 ring you can run only one of the rings if you want...or all 3 if you decide to have a party! LoL

              1. You will find what you want at large Asian supermarkets and at Harbor Freight online and in-store. A two burner stove that can be hooked up to your standard 20lb BBQ propane tank


                I have one from Colombia I set up anytime (emergency etc) with a 20lb propane tank. Look for some one chucking their old BBQ and cut the tank-to-grill fitting off. You use this to connect the two burner stoves. This rubber tube connector will slide tightly over a fitting on the two burner stoves ...just check them out at the large Asian mart and you will get what I am talking about

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                  That looks better than the camp stove option.