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Apr 29, 2013 10:23 AM

Greek in Scarsdale

We were walking on Garth Rd yesterday and stopped to read the permit info on a boarded up window near the fruit and veggie store. It seems that a Greek restaurant called Petra is moving into that space. I'm hoping for the best. Does anyone know when it's opening, etc.?

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  1. It just opened this month and is delicious! Would highly recommend it.

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      Thanks for the report. What did you have?

    2. Only ate there once so far but the lamb chops Paidakia, greek sausage Loukaniko and grape leaves were good. The veal and orzo Youvetsi was a little bland in comparison. Nice addition to the neighborhood.

      1. We had lunch there today. Just a light lunch of salads. We really enjoyed it. The owner brought us some eggplant spread and pita to start. Very tasty. My husband had a Greek salad with chicken and I had the Petra salad, which consisted of mixed greens, feta, tomatoes and grilled vegetables. The ingredients were fresh and the salads were well seasoned. We are looking forward to returning for dinner when we can try more of the menu.

        Prices are quite reasonable and the selection is varied. They do not yet have a liquor license, but until they get one you can bring your own. The owner said they will also be doing delivery, probably starting later this year.

        1. We also had lunch their.Menu is diverse food was fresh.Typical greek fare done well.One problem it is a small dining area and front door opens into the dining room.this unfortunately makes it uncomfortably
          drafty at times.This needs to be addressed