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Apr 29, 2013 09:27 AM

40th Birthday?

In honor of a friend's entry into his fifth decade ;) , I'm looking for restaurants in the LA area that opened in 1973.
High-end to Low-end.
I've seen lists here of the oldest eateries in LA but this is just for that specific year... Any thoughts/suggestions?

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  1. The Rainbow Bar & Grill opened in 1972...that's as close as I can come. Maybe someone else will nail it on the nose?


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      The Rainbow would also be a fun venue for a 40th as opposed to just finding a place that opened in 73.

    2. According to this website (which is pretty cool by the way), http://whendidithappen.com/wdih/resta..., MIguel's in Corona opened in 1973.

      And according to Miguel's website, that Corona location is still (um) going strong. http://www.miguelsrestaurant.com/loca...

      Happy Birthday!