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Apr 29, 2013 09:25 AM

kid friendly restaurant in Banff

Does anyone have suggestions for a kid friendly restaurant in Banff? thanks for any ideas.

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  1. When we were there last summer (without kids) we ate one evening at Bear Street Tavern, which features pizzas (and probably other things too), which we thought was very solid. There were lots of children there. Eat on the terrace, out back, if you can; the interior is rather uninspiring, but being outdoors is great.

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      Bear Street tavern has all sorts of tavern-y type food, not just pizzas :) We took our little one there for lunch not too long ago. It's quite a loud room, so a few more screaming kids won't make much difference.

      Really though, banff is a pretty laid back town - depending on what you mean by kid friendly, just about every restaurant is kid friendly like Shazam said, save for the very high end.

    2. There's the usual boring places (Phil's, Ricky's, The Keg, Boston Pizza, blah blah).

      Banff Springs is a very friendly place for kids, shockingly enough.

      Most places are very accommodating towards children. I wouldn't take them to the Grizzly House though unless they were at least ten and can sit still for long periods of time.

      I love Bear Street Tavern. Stop recommending them!

      1. Depending on how old your kids are and what you mean red for them. We had a lovely dinner at the Maple Leaf grill with my niece at 4.5 years old

        1. Not sure if you're planning lunch/dinner or how old the kids are. My kids love dressing up for Tea at Banff Springs. It's become a tradition for us to go when my MIL is visiting.

          1. I agree with the others here that pretty much every restaurant is kid-friendly. We have a two year old and have been very warmly welcomed everywhere we have gone.

            Both the Elk & Oarsman (pub) and the Juniper Bistro (mid range, with beautiful views of the valley) have kids menus as well as crayons and colouring pages. Suginoya Japanese Restaurant was also great. I don't know if they have crayons (I actually brought my own that time!), but they had lots of colourful plastic cups and plates for my daughter to share our adult meals.