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Apr 29, 2013 08:46 AM

Foodie Dining Alone in Denver

I'll have two nights to have dinner alone in Denver this week. I'm from DC and a huge foodie (love fresh, modern restaurants and cocktails, not so much steakhouses and chains).

What are the best restaurants in Denver where I could eat alone at the bar on a weeknight? (I'm attached, so not trying to mingle too much and I won't have a car, will be taking taxis).

My first thoughts are: Old Major, Rioja, Beast & Bottle, and Sputino.


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    1. Colt & Gray for excellent cocktails and very good food.
      Other great "dine at the bar" at spots in taxi distance include TAG (though the bar is a little small, it is lots of fun)
      Squeaky Bean (sitting at the kitchen bar here is also excellent), the Populist and yes, Old Major.
      For more of a speakeasy scene, try Williams and Graham or Green Russell.

      I love DC, and have had some great drinks at the Passenger and with Gina when she was at PS7. Also loved Lincoln, the Gibson, PX...hope you enjoy denver.

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      1. re: DrakeRemoray

        Thanks! I'm a little worried the Squeaky Bean will put me over my per diem, but man the Populist looks good from the pictures on Yelp (wish they had a menu on their website!).

        Sounds like you hit all of the best spots in DC. You might have already gone, but check out H Street NE next time you're here. It's blowing up with new restaurants and bars - Toki Underground for ramen is a treat (though I waited 4 hours for table!).

        1. re: sarahinthecity

          Sadly, all of the places I mentioned are around the same price. Most cocktails in Denver are from 10-12 dollars, so not too outrageous.

          Old Major started a happy hour, so that might help...

          1. re: DrakeRemoray

            Thanks - I just assumed with the tasting menu on their website it would be expensive. I can expense about $50 for dinner.

            1. re: sarahinthecity

              Interesting that they only have a tasting menu online. They definitely offer al a carte dining. I would not miss it...

              1. re: DrakeRemoray

                Excellent! Do you think Old Major or the Squeaky Bean will be more crowded on a Friday night? My other free night is a weeknight.

      2. Went to the Squeaky Bean and it was probably the best meal I've had this year. Just delightful. Also went to Old Major - the Lobster Hot Plate was awesome, and so were the drinks and pretzel. Unfortunately the altitude started to take it's toll before I finished my meal and I had to head back to my hotel.

        Thank you for your help! Denver rocks!

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        1. re: sarahinthecity

          Glad you enjoyed Denver!!

          The altitude can be a killer! When my friends from DC come out, I am always pushing water on them (it really helps).

          1. re: DrakeRemoray

            LOL. When I greet friends off the plane at DIA, I have a bottle of water in my hand and just shove it at them. "Don't argue. Drink it. Trust me."

            1. re: Heatherb

              I do that too, Heather- with a single aspirin as well.

              1. re: cheesemonger

                Oooh. That's a good idea. I'll bring some next time!