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chex mix

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if you like salty, delicious and wasteful calories, you might be happy to learn that chex mix, with actual french labeled packaging, has finally arrived.

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  1. Hmm, I was making Chex mix recently but was unable to find Chex cereal (so, strictly speaking, I guess what I made was "Life mix"). I wonder if it will be coming, too.

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    1. re: stak

      chex the cereal has debuted here about a year ago. you can find it in almost every supermarket - in some stores it is found in the gluten free/organic section.

      1. re: catroast

        Oh god, I just assumed it existed here already. What I take for granted as an American....

        1. re: Peaches to Poutine

          ha no way. for my 30th birthday my good friend sent me a case from the USA LOL