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Apr 29, 2013 08:17 AM

Dixie Chicken Closing

Apparently not enough business at the current location. No word on what they are going to do next. Too bad because the food was consistently excellent. Service was perhaps not the most enthusiastic but then again if you have been losing money for a year...

I do question why they cut hours early on, and shortened their days open if they weren't making enough money, but maybe it was just too much work making a go of it and those extra hours were mostly empty. I do hope they try again, they were without a doubt the best fried chicken in Richmond, with their buttermilk brine and real lard, made fresh to order.

Friday is the last day, I believe.

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  1. No!!!! I am so sad! It was delicious chicken, and that pork belly biscuit was very good, too. I heard they had a food truck- I wonder if they will keep the truck?