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Apr 29, 2013 07:22 AM

Looking for a good, but not TOO expensive, Mother's Day buffet brunch

I'd like to go out for a buffet brunch (not order off the menu) for Mother's Day. DC is the farthest south and Columbia the farthest north we can go (though over to Frederick would be fine too). I'd prefer not to go to a hotel. $50/pp is the max I'd like to pay for adults,

I know it's a lot to ask, but this is my first mother's day going out to brunch. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. You should check out Georgia Brown's. You will definitily need to make reservations and it might be a mad house (but honestly what place isn't on Mother's Day) but they have a great buffet brunch.

    I'm not much of a buffet person but I was impressed with their selection. It's all Southern food and delicious. You can choose from a HUGE buffet and the bonus is they also have you order an entree. Every time I've gone I've done the buffet for brunch and then took the entree home for dinner later that night (or more likely the next day since I was so full).

    I think their brunch is about $40/person.

    Also you should be aware that it is also a jazz brunch. My only complain about the whole thing was it was very loud inside. Maybe you can request a seat outdoors if you don't care for the music aspect.

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      Thanks Elyssa. That's a great idea. I'll look into it. Another question for you - we have three year old twins. They are pretty well-behaved in restaurants. Do you see other children there when you've been?

      Thanks again!

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        Nevermind, they are completely booked.

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          Ya I bet they book up a month or more in advance. Sorry :(

    2. I hear Inn at Brookeville Farms in Olney has a nice Mother's Day Brunch. Maybe your sister can take you and the family there. :-)

      1. Could maybe check out Redwood in Bethesda.

        1. The gospel brunch at the Hamilton has three brunch/performance times, the first and third of which still have availability.

          (When you look online for information about The Hamilton, you'll find seemingly double information. There's a restaurant only located on the main level of the building. There's also a performance space that serves food located on the lower level where the gospel brunch takes place. Both Hamiltons are owned by Clyde's which can be counted on to serve reliably competent food.)

          The gospel brunch at the Howard theater still has brunch availability. Right now, the Howard theater web site is misbehaving, but brunch reservations can be made via Ticketron.

          Both gospel brunches are served buffet style starting before the performance.