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Apr 29, 2013 07:15 AM

Indian cooking - Sooji Upma and heartburn

Hello folks,

I really like Sooji Upma in Indian cuisine and I make it quite often. I got roasted sooji for that but I notice that every time I eat that stuff, I end up with heartburn. Is there anything that I miss during making it?

My recipe -
Chopped onion, carrots, and tomato, sliced chili, cook until everything is soft. Add roasted sooji, salt and sugar. Mix well, leave it for a minute. Add boiling water and mix well. Cook with closed lid for a minute or two, till all water is absorbed.

How do I fix this heartburn or sooji is not going well with me? (In that case, how do I use up sooji, I have 2lb packet)

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Maybe you're not letting the upma cook enough after you add the cream of wheat. When I make it, I let it cook a good bit more than two minutes, stirring so it won't stick and adding a splash or two of water as needed. It shouldn't be a mush, but it should be tender and not gritty at all. If it's not that, maybe you're putting in too much green chili? I'd leave out the sugar, too. I've never heard of putting sugar in upma, but I suppose it's done somewhere.

    Last, do you put ginger in your upma? Finely minced fresh ginger root is a great and pretty common addition to upma and helps in digestion (saute' w/ onions). Another thing I love to add is roasted peanuts (also saute' w/ onions).

    1. Follow up with some yogurt, with rice if you want. I know a few Indian folk who eat that after most meals.

      1. Hi Vegietude, I just noticed now that your post said that you got the pre-roasted sooji this time. I think that might be it. Any time I've bought any pre-roasted grain product from India, it's made me a little sick. I think they put in some kind of oil (probably palm oil, which is already problematic) and it becomes rancid over time. Sad to waste 2 lbs of food, but I'd just toss it. If you soak it first, it should compost well. Or you can sprinkle it on the sidewalk (somewhere far from your house) and ants will take it away. I've tried mixing pre-roasted sooji and vermicelli with suet mix for the birds and they won't eat it, which tells you something right there.

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          Thank you.

          Makes sense. This idea never occurred to me. I will trash it.