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Apr 29, 2013 06:40 AM

Pittsburgh - recommendations for dinner on the South Side before marathon

We're coming to town this weekend for the half-marathon, and trying to make plans for an early dinner Saturday night. Details, constraints, and preferences are as follows:

- 4 adults (me, DH, and my parents) + 1 preschooler (= the reason for dinner to be early!)
- prefer to be on the South Side to be close to hotel
- prefer something "basic, old-school" Italian, not upscale - I've seen a lot of recommendations for Dish but that's not going to work for us for this meal
- ideally, they will take reservations and be kid-friendly (but kids' menu not necessary)

My dad did some research and found the 17th Street Cafe - any thoughts on that place, or alternatives?


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  1. Depending on which hotel, the Southside can be a long trek. Check with your hotel to see if they run the shuttle to restaurants.

    Check Stagioni. Good Italian.

    There is a Buca di Beppo in station square, but I am not a fan.

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      Buca di Beppo might be just what he's looking for. It's made to order for a family-style meal.

      "prefer something "basic, old-school" Italian, not upscale -

      - ideally, they will take reservations and be kid-friendly"

    2. I should have mentioned that we will have transportation, and the hotel is the new Hyatt House at the end of the Hot Metal Bridge. Dad is pushing hard for his "find," so I think we will go there and hope for the best... reviews on other threads were generally positive. Thanks.