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Apr 29, 2013 06:18 AM

Point Reyes and Point Fort

I need some suggestions for victuals on a day that starts with a trip out to Point Reyes then back to the Wave Organ near the Exploratorium by 4PM and sunset at Point Fort (8:30PM according to the charts). I will have a car. I've heard about oysters up near Point Reyes but not everyone in the group would be game for that plus I'm not sure how much time for lunch we'll have if we want to get back to high tide at the Wave Organ, however it's still a possibility. I've thought maybe if there's good carry-out on the way back into town (Korean fried chicken?) we might pick it up and picnic out by the Warming Hut. Another possibility is so a drive into, say, North Beach (something Italian?) and then back out to the fort for sunset. Help!

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  1. Check on the location of the wave organ. My Google has it near the Marina at 1 Yacht Rd Marina Blvd, end of the jetty, rather than Fort Point. Try Point Reyes Station for lunch,. Pine Cone Diner or cheese from Cowgirl Creamery and Brickmaiden Breads from the grocery store across the street or pastry goodies from Bovine Bakery. My map says 2 miles from Warming Hut to Wave Organ.

    1. Great! Diner fare or the grocery for picnic sounds perfect. I'll check my locations.

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        "Wave Organ near the Exploratorium by 4PM"
        The wave Organ didn't move the Exploratorium did.

      2. My canonical a day like that used to be dinner at Old Warszawa , because the soups were perfect after (what is often) a cold windy day. I would do something chinese out by 19th Ave for dinner, especially with a larger group.

        What to pack --- I usually do cheese & local bread & salami & olives. A good local spread of all of that fills up people quickly.

        Another food idea was Grey Whale Pizza in Inverness, which is moderately fast, and you can get a to-go depending on how people are feeling about eating in the car. However, yelp seems to claim no restaurant in that same location.

        Honestly, hitting the wave organ at 4pm is difficult, you can MAYBE park at 4 and be there by 5 - it's a walk (past the St Francis YC).