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Food to bring back from Burgundy

I have my list for Paris (fleur de sel, polaine bread, Christine Ferber jams) any suggestions on what to bring back from Burgundy?

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  1. crème de cassis
    pain d'épices (gingerbread) and nonnettes (small muffin-like pain-d'épice balls stuffed with fruit jam like orange or apricot)
    mustard (from Dijon or Beaune)
    some cheeses (not necessarily époisses which is everywhere now)
    Flavigny anis candy drops
    jambon persillé (if you find a sous-vide or terrine version)

    1. l bring back Burgundy wines, usually white from producers not available in the states as Earl Gautheron a chablis maker l have liked for some time.

      1. I loved stopping by the Abbaye de Citeaux and picking up a wheel of fromage de Citeaux.

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          You can get Abbaye des Citeaux at Alléosse in rue Poncelet near the place des Ternes. They are also one of the few places you can get the Cabri Ariègois on a somewhat regular basis, depending on the season. It is a chèvre with the look and almost liquid texture of a Mont d'Or.

          Just an hour ago in my Seattle kitchen we spooned into a Cabri Ariègois I brought back from Paris yesterday. Wonderful.

          As for Christine Ferber jams, are you buying them because you really like them or because you've heard they're good. If the latter, I suggest you try some first. Personally, I don't think they are worth the price. But I have only tried a few varieties.

        2. Thank you! A question about the mustard. We have previously purchased "fresh" Maille in Paris. Are we looking for this type of mustard or is there a specific type you suggest from Beaune or Dijon?

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            I much prefer Edmond Fallot, in Beaune. I never understood that craze about "fresh" Maille mustard. Mustard is a preserve anyway.

          2. Burgundy wines not available (or hard to find) in US; Fallot mustard; Burgundy truffles; mustard pots, cassis, framboise, mure from Domaine Lucien Jacob.

            Fallot mustard is made in Beaune, and imho, is the best there is. :)

            I wouldn't bring back Pain d'Epices as it will be dreadfully stale by the time you carry it home. Better to secure a great recipe so you can make it fresh.

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              Dijon pain d'épices keeps for a long time, if it does not get eaten first you can keep it for months.

            2. FruiRouge jams are outstanding. Also Burgundian truffle products (oils, salts, etc.). Ditto the casis. Best I've found is at Ange Gardien in Beane.

              1. There are all kinds of great food products and wines from Burgundy, but......
                For a real memento of your trip and something that has been used in the wine cellars for over 1000 years bring back a Cellar Rat!
                Useful and a wonderful conversation piece.

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                  Do you mean the candle holder ? If so, indeed a clever idea.

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                    Yes, They grace our table.

                    Not only a conversation piece, but a very good candle holder.

                    I guess with over 1000 year of development they've got it right.

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                    Wish I had thought of that!!! Next trip there's gonna be a couple of them in my bag on the way back.

                  3. Chestnut honey! If you can't get "this" wine at home , you can get another. Not so the honey.
                    Get a large tub from a producer at a market.
                    Don't get in Paris. Much more expensive

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                        Vinnie, I can tell you're not into wine. There are Burgundies ONLY available at their wineries that some of us would leave our clothing behind to bring home...

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                          Enlighten us on those you wouldn't leave Burgundy without sacrificing some clothing for?

                      2. Wild Burgundy Snails - extra large! Dressed or in cans.

                        1. Candy from Beaune, especially from Bouché on place Carnot -- Burgondines, Cassissine.

                          Cheese from La Fouchale in Saulieu -- well, maybe not to bring back, but eat it.

                          If you like Ferber's jam, and go to Saulieu, try the ones labelled Bernard Loiseau at the Loiseau shop next to the restaurant in Saulieu.

                          Visit the Les Halles market in Dijon -- you'll find stuff you wanna take home with you.

                          Overall, I'm less and less sure that Burgundy really is a food destination -- for me, it's all about the lifestyle and the breathtaking landscapes.

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                            Totally agree with the last paragraph.

                            Several years ago our hostess told us that the secret to her vinaigrette was Fallot's Pain d'Epice mustard "which you must buy here because it is not available anywhere else". So loaded up, we arrived home to find it in our carriage trade supermarket a block from our house.