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Apr 29, 2013 02:13 AM

Dim Sum in Downtown Toronto

We are staying near Queens Park and would like to experience some good dim sum while in Toronto, our first visit here. A search has pulled up Crown Princess, Dynasty and Lai Wah Heen (which we already knew of). Any preferences among these places? Are any of them close to Hong Kong quality? I assume LWH would be the most expensive of the three. Thanks for your help.

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  1. Crown Princess is upscale but has very fine dim sum. I don't care for Dynasty nearly as much.

    1. Lai Wah Heen changed hands about two months ago.

      1. Those are the three more up-scale places most often mentioned in the downtown area. You can throw the Pearl Harbourfront in there which might be considered a tad lower scale but with a much better "view". LWH has always been considered at the top and some have even mention the closest to "Hong Kong" comparison. However as MissBingBing has mentioned, LWH changed hands a few months ago and online comments I've seen have not been favorable. But I've never been a fan of LWH even before as the quality/value equation didn't make much sense to me. Crown Princess and the Dynasty have been two of my go-to places and I don't find much difference between the two. Actually at the end of the day, comparisons of the dim sum at the CP and Dynasty with the cheaper Rol San are not that different. The difference for me is more in the decor, service, ambiance...including fellow clientele and the overall dining experience. Rol San is very much working class, Dynasty is more traditional chic, while the CP is modern excessive. Bottom line, If you are looking for high Hong Kong quality, don't dine in Downtown Toronto. However, if you want the best of Toronto (downtown), you won't go wrong with any of your choices.

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          I feel the quality of the food much higher at cp than rolsan. Went there once and honestly thought the dimsum was really bad.

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            I guess I'll need to revisit Rol San to update myself;)

        2. +1 for Crown Princess. I have vowed not to go back at Rol San after the last two dim sum experience there. LWH haven't tried there dim sum in a long time though a friend who is a regular there still swears by it.

          1. Thank you everyone for your replies, I appreciate your input as it really helps a new visitor. Looks like Crown Princess is quite highly regarded as a downtown dim sum spot. My wife and I will talk it over, but I'm certain we'll have a great lunch wherever we decide on.