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Apr 28, 2013 08:42 PM

Confused about All-Clad saucepan differences

I'm looking to buy a 3 quart All-Clad saucepan that comes with a lid. We already have 3 other All Clad pots and pans and I love them all. I've been searching around the internet to try to find the pots on websites that are having sales, like Macy's which is currently having 15% off. I noticed that they are selling this covered 3.5 quart saucepan for only $139.99 (, but then I noticed that the standard 3 quart saucepan is almost $50 more (

I can't seem to discern why the 3.5 quart is that much less expensive despite being bigger and I am wary because I don't want to end up with a cheaper version of the pan I am looking for (i.e. other posters have told me this is the case if you get their pasta pentola / multipot -- it's not the same grade of stainless steel and is made in China, not the USA, which is why it's so much cheaper than other All Clad pots of comparable size). On the website there is a Q & A in which a Macy's staff member states that this pot is in fact made in the USA, so at least I know that is true. Anyone else have any other thoughts? All other things being equal, I would definitely get the 3.5 quart over the 3 quart, as it would be worth saving the $50, but if it means I'm getting something not up to standard All Clad quality, then I'd rather spend the extra bit and get the best.

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  1. That must be a special edition, made for sale through Macy's or perhaps a few outlets. Normally, only the MC2 saucepan is nominally 3.5 qt (that's what I have). This one seems to be SS on the outside.

    The MC2 also differs in having a helper handle, which I like. It's pretty heavy when full. This one does not have it.

    1. That pan is also available from Cutlery and More on clearance:

      1. All-Clad revamped its entire stainless tri-ply line during the past few years. This saucepan may be cheaper because it's from the older line, which starts with the number 5 (the new line starts with 4). I have no way of knowing this, btw. It's just an educated guess. Another guess is that the 3.5 size is a Macy's exclusive, as I've not seen it most places.

        I have the 3 qt. version of this saucepan. It has a helper loop handle on the other side, which I'm very happy to have. It's $195 today at Metro Kitchen.

        Here's the 4 qt. version, which I believe has the same diameter. It's just a little taller.

        If you buy one of these two, you might ask Metro Kitchen whether they're from the 5000 line or the 4000. The newer line, the 4000, is said to have an "improved" handle.

        The pentola and stockpot are made in China because they are not tri-ply, just stainless, presumably because they're made just for boiling water and cooking pasta.

        If you decide to stick with Macy's, use the online code "friend" and you'll get 25% off, but it's only good for the rest of today, 4/29/13.

        If you don't mind buying seconds, try If you don't mind buying on eBay, there's a seller there named ramsue, from whom I've gotten good prices over the years.

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          Thanks! I just ordered the 3.5 quart. I then noticed that there was a SECOND 3.5 quart pan on the Macy's website for even cheaper ($109.95), however that one did not explicitly list that it was Made in the USA and there was one negative review saying that the metal was off because the pan didn't cook things evenly, so I was wary and just got the one I linked to in the above post.

          With the 25% off (thanks for the code!) It ended up being about $104 which all in all is an excellent deal, assuming that the pan turns out okay in the end.

          I will report back to everyone in a few days when it arrives. I figured worst case scenario I return it to the store, in which case I've lost nothing since the shipping was free.

        2. Go to cookware and more's website and buy it there

          1. That is a price that All-Clad has authorized to move more of those particular pans. All-Clad is a fair trade company. Retailers who carry their line must sell at prices they set. They will have a number of pieces during the year, which in the All-Clad catalog are identified by "Try Me" pricing. Yes All-Clad is made in the US. Buy the pot if that is what you want it is in no way inferior to the 3 qt.

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            1. re: Candy

              Not all All Clad is made in the US

              1. re: C. Hamster

                The tri-ply and five-ply pieces are made in the USA. Only certain "stainless-only" pieces are made in China.

                Even the lids are made in the USA now.

                1. re: C. Hamster

                  Parts which are all stainless steel are not necessarily made in the US. Likewise for products sold under another name. This pan appears to be a US-made pan marked down for marketing purposes.

                  1. re: C. Hamster

                    I know the over priced bakeware is made there. We weren't discussing that. I have been in the housewares business for 40 years. I have never had any AC made in china. I guess I have been lucky not to have encountered it. Most of what I have sold is high end cookware.