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Apr 28, 2013 07:37 PM

Mother's Day in San Pedro

Looking for a nice dinner place for my 80+ mom in San Pedro. She is actually extremely alert and a foodie. I'm thinking Italian but am open to suggestions.

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  1. Wendy,
    San Pedro doesn't have any outstanding restaurants. However:
    Twenty Second Street Landing is a solid seafood restaurant.
    J. Trani's for white tablecloth Italian or seafood.
    Think Prime for steaks.

    The best food in Pedro is over the counter Mexican, but that's probably too informal for Mother's Day.

    1. While I haven't been to this place (Beach City Grill) that "flowergirl" wrote up here on CH, it sounds like something I'd enjoy. Too funky for your mom, maybe? Take a look at the Yelp photos. The food looks really good and the inside booths look comfy and clean

      My wife and I also like 22nd St. Bar & Grill as recommended above by chpskt.

      1. Neil's or Raffaello's for good Italian in Pedro

        1. Just a short drive to Long Beach and Michael's Of Naples. They are doing a special mother's day brunch, Menu is at link below.They are also serving their regular dinner menu that evening. Enjoy.