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Apr 28, 2013 06:43 PM

Seitan- how do you cook with it?

We are regular buyers of Upton's Chorizo seitan. I've only ever crumbled and fried it, and served with corn tortillas and pineapple salsa. How do you prepare it?

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  1. Typically homemade versions can be steeped in a broth to infuse flavour, so to stretch your repertoire maybe think about marinating the product to get some more flavour into it? Have never used the commercial product you mention so not sure what its consistency or original taste are like.

    1. Regular seitan doesn't crumble like the seitan chorizo does. It's a big, leathery slab. You can cut it into slices, cubes or steaks, or even run it through a meat grinder for a burger-like texture, and use it like any meat substitute. I like to freeze it slightly and cut it into super thin slices. Sometimes I dredge them in a little seasoned flour or arrowroot powder (if I want a thicker pan sauce), then saute' or stirfry with veggies and herbs. The flavor of plain seitan is pretty flat (like an intense whole wheat flour flavor), so it's always good to use some kind of acid. Wine, sherry, apple cider vinegar, citrus, ginger, tomato and sharp curry pastes are all good for that. It also does well with the addition of some richness -- a good, deep stock, coconut milk, caramelized onions, peanut butter, chili-garlic paste or sricracha, miso, sesame, mole', dark soy.

      Some dishes that work really well w/ seitan are: bbq seitan, gumbo, paella, philly-"cheez"-seitan sandwiches, stirfried seitan and asparagus, seitan chili, lemongrass curried seitan, seitan piccata, seitan Reuben, seitan vindaloo.

      Happy glutening!

      1. I have used Upton Naturals chorizo any mexican dish that calls for regular chorizo with great success.

        I also use their sweet italian sausage in many italain dishes including for a home made sausage pizza