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Apr 28, 2013 05:57 PM

Zarkana at Aria

Hi All,

Heading to Vegas on Friday for a friends birthday. We already have reservations on Sunday for Delmonico's but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for where my SO and I can go on Saturday night before we see Zarkana at Aria. I would LOVE to do a tasting menu that wasn't too expensive ($80/person or less, including wine if that's even possible). We're staying at Mandalay Bay, we would be okay having an early dinner there (or anywhere in between there and Aria) and walking to Aria for the 7:00 show. We are fairly open to all types of food!

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  1. You may want to check out Charlie Palmers Cut of the Week. The restaurant is in the Four Seasons which is located inside of Mandalay Bay. It is a three course menu for $45 with unlimited wine for the first two courses. The menu changes each week. Here is the link for the weekly menu.

    1. We had a similar situation and went to American Fish, right around the corner from the theater. They have a pre-theater menu which is three courses and offers a wine pairing. I believe they have choices for each course. The food was excellent. There were some service issues, which they recovered from, more or less. It is nice to be that close to the theater.

      I also like Charlie Palmer, but the issue with the Cut of the week is that there are no choices, so if someone doesn't want that menu, you do pay full freight. If the menu appeals, though, it's generally very good food at a great price point. Just leave yourself plenty of time to get back to CCenter.

      1. I recommend early evening menu at Sage in Aria.

        If you're walking from MB to Aria, which is a long walk, give yourself at least half hour. Tip: take the monorail from MB to Excalibur, then again from Monte Carlo to Aria.

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          I've heard that Sage is one of the best restaurants in Vegas but I wasn't crazy about the current menu! Thanks for the tip!

        2. Has anyone been to Sirio in Aria?

          1. I second the Sage recommendation.