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Ferrero Rocher Stuffed Brownies

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You take Ferrero Rocher chocolates and sink them into a dark chocolate brownie batter. Once sliced, you see this marvelous ring of chocolate and hazelnut filling decorating the center of each cut brownie.

I wound up cutting them into mini squares served with homemade vanilla bean ice cream.

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    1. They look so luxurious. You could easily serve those at a dinner party for dessert.

      1. Thanks. I'm really happy with the pattern the FR's created.

        1. http://www.mybakingaddiction.com/nute...

          Round Two! My daughter upped the brownie anty with this riff recipe! Really pretty when cut.

            1. All three look beautiful and tasty!
              In a similar vein... (Using Lindt White Chocolate Truffles)

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                Nice to have you playing along, OhioH! I understand the candy Rolos works well for these types of desserts too. The Rocher candies made such an attractive design that they flew off the table into the hands of our guests!

              2. And another variety...Ferrero Rocher Stuffed S’mores Cupcakes.


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                  Lots going on with that riff, valerie!

                2. Thanks--I'm loving all these ideas. I could also use Mozartkuglen instead of Ferrero Rochers. Or baci...

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                    Aren't they cool! I think the riffs are endless!