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Jun 17, 2002 03:26 PM

AUSTIN - Best Cheese Enchiladas and CFS?

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All suggestions will be appreciated, thanks...

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  1. Best CFS is in Manor, Tx (just east of Austin) at Cafe 290.

    1. Good Lord that's an impossible question. My favorite cheese enchilladas in Austin are the Enchilladas A La Jorges at Casita Jorges on Hancock. They are light and delicate like French crepes, only with lots of cheese and meat sauce to sop up with tortillas. Enchilladas Rancheros at Enchilladas Y Mas are also quite good, and I crave the beef enchilladas at Joe's Bakery fairly often.

      1. I think the best enchiladas are the Tio Chan Specials at Maudie's Cafe (several locations, all good). Cheese enchiladas topped with three different sauces; some of the best goo on the planet. Really, these things are excellent.

        For CFS, it's a tie in my book. I think that Hoover's and Z-Tejas both do an excellent job with crispy crusts, tender meat and excellent gravy.

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          trace worthington

          Nopalitos on South First where the legendary Virginia's Cafe used to be has very good authentic Mexican food incl. cheese enchiladas. They also have great lunch specials - rellenos, pork in green chile sauce. check it out. husband and wife duo - he cooks and she is the waiter. breakfast and lunch only.

          1. Although I'm not a gigantic cheese enchilada fan, it's easy to get really good enchiladas at some fairly obvious locales:

            Mi Madres on Manor Rd. (chicken enchiladas with mole especially good)
            Las Manitas on Congress Avenue
            Evita's Botanitas on South first (I think... very good enchiladas and sauces)

            As far as CFS, well, I don't like it. There, I said it.

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              Skye's hit it on the nose with Las Manitas. Although the place doesn't serve enough grease to rank as Tex-Mex, the Friday special of shrimp enchiladas with spinach sauce has to rank near the top for any enchiladas, anywhere.