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Apr 28, 2013 04:56 PM

ISO Good counter service, authentic tapas in New Hampshire and Mass.

Hey hounds,

So, it's been a year since my honeymoon in Spain and we're really missing it. I'm looking for any sort of tapas joint that favors authentic Spain over incredible gastronomic experience. Think Flan y Ajo (Providence) rather than Toro (Boston). Obviously I'd love to not pay through the nose for it, but I'm willing to if it's more like Flan y Ajo.

Secondly, I'm looking for places with decent counter service for late lunches or dinner in the Nashua/Lowell/Manchester area. Cafeteria style places would also work, if any of those exist anymore. Please don't mention any chain restaurants, I'm up to date on those and mostly try to avoid them (though I've been known to knock back a few Five Guys in my time). I like not having to deal with a server sometimes, know what I mean?

Thanks for your help!



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  1. Open until 2pm for a late lunch in Manchester suggestion - definitely not a chain. We just tried Chez Vachon on Kelly Street in Manchester yesterday. We went for the poutine which we thought was a bit salty. I'm pretty sure they had counter service. It's a very local, family type of place. Street parking only. They have breakfast and lunch all day. We also had crepes for dessert which were pretty good (one is enough). The pulled pork sandwich was decent. Onion rings were good. I did not try the pork pie which is one of their specialties. There's a good variety on the menu. Salmon pie must be popular because I think it was on their specials list 3 different days.

    1. We love Cedar's Cafe for counter service. You can eat in if you want, or take out. Everything comes in styrofoam. But the food is delicious. I prefer the beef kabob and I always get hummus and tabouleh with it.

      1. There's a tapas place in Laconia that has gotten raves on this board - maybe somebody will remember the name. In Manchester, you can eat at the bar at Republic. The Riverhouse on the Oval in Milford has a great counter lunch. I think they just started serving dinner too.

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          Thank you for the reply WHS. I may have used the wrong term when I said "counter service"... what I mean is someplace where you don't have a server, where you order and pick up at a counter or window. Any ideas on that?