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Apr 28, 2013 04:39 PM

CLE Hounds -- asking for your Italian recs...

Sister coming into town from LA (she left CLE in '78 and doesn't return often...and when she does it's always family-only time!). This trip in she will have extra time and wants to go for Italian in CLE (dinner/Friday in May) -- my first thoughts were Bruno's or Johnny's (Fulton). And by the way, she chiefly likes unique places -- guess that's why I threw Bruno's and Johnny's out what do the CLE hounds think?...sure I'm missing more than a few and will appreciate the recommendations! Thanks in advance!

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    1. La Campagna in Westlake. VERY tiny, reservations required. VERY good food.

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        +1 on La Campagna!

        Also, Chinato on E. 4th. A Zack Bruell joint.

      2. Thank you to all who've replied -- appreciate the La Campagna rec...trying to stay within CLE proper for my dinner with Sis...but I'm going to try that place myself!

        1. She might enjoy Chinato downtown in the East 4th area. If she's been away for some time she might be pleasantly surprised by the scene down there.