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Apr 28, 2013 02:02 PM

Poke at North Shore

Spending 5 nights at Turtle Bay next month. Looking for exceptional poke. Read reviews for both Kuhuku Superette and Foodland. Would love to hear some thoughts on both of those and others. Thanks

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  1. I know nothing about N shore poke, sorry, but I can recommend home cooked Indian/Fijian food from Fiji Market, which is not far from Turtle Bay, particularly because N. Kam was not too fond of the food at the resort and I trust her. Open for food (it also is a grocery) 11-9 M-Sat. 56-565 Kam. Hwy. (around in back)in Kahuku,96731, tel. 808-293-7120. Take out or eat at picnic tables outside. Cheap, with lots of flavor.

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      (nadine kam is a foodie who has a newspaper column here in the star advertiser.)

    2. Bought poke from foodland at sunset beach a few times, never disappointed. it may not be exceptional, but it will be fresh and tasty.

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        I consider FRESH to not be frozen. Unfortunately Foodlands is mostly frozen Ahi. I buy from Foodland in a pinch otherwise I like Kyung's (joebob's amazing find) and Ono for Fresh Poke.

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          Good points, except we are talking about what's available on the north shore. I don't know of anyplace on the north shore that is known for their fresh poke. I've had really good poke in Luibueno's, and other times it has been OK, but not great, same with Haleiwa Joe's and Jameson's. I haven't had anything from Turtle Bay recently enough to have a worthwhile opinion.

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            Kyung's is Rosita's find, actually.

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              Unless you go to the "real" fishmarket, poke in supermarket are made from frozen fish.

              1. re: roro808

                Marukai, Tamura's, Tamashiro, Alicia's , Ono's do a good fresh (not frozen) version.

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                Actually you can get fresh ahi poke from Foodland, you just have to specifically ask for it to be made that way. Of course you do pay more for it, $15-17 per pound.

                1. re: killersmile

                  That's good to know..
                  I find the poke at Foodland to be quite good...from a tourist perspective but fresh is mo better!