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Apr 28, 2013 01:53 PM

Restaurants and food near Palais Royal

We are renting a flat in the Palais Royal for a week in June. Are there particularly interesting places to eat nearby for a first night dinner? We will have come from a week in Provence and want to continue to eat outstanding food without spending a fortune to do it. Also, are there good food shopping streets nearby? (Or, off topic, I know, but good clothes, shoes, shopping nearby?)

We consider ourselves "foodies". FNB in Scottsdale is a favorite, as is The Winds in Yellow Springs (our home town).

And we don't make a move without first checking with Chowhound. The best!

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  1. Antonia

    We are also enjoy FNB having followed Pavle since he was a waiter at Rancho Pinot when it started out in Town and Country.

    AND our apartment in Paris for the last 10 years is a half-block from the Palais Royal.

    Your very close options range from Grand Vefour in the Palais Royal itself to many Japanese and Korean places on Rue St Anne three blocks away. Neither of these seem to fit your criteria.

    Verjus is very good and only a few steps away from Vefour. In addition to the restaurant, Verjus also has a small wine bar downstairs which is less expensive and very good. On Rue de Richelieu and Rue des Petite Champs which are on two sides of the PR you will find Juveniles, Maceo, Willi's, Grand Clobert and Bistrot Vivienne and perhaps another twenty or so restaurants that I would not recommend for one reason or another.

    A 15 minute walk from the PR toward Opera will take you to three excellent newer places - Goust, Bistrot Volnay and Pascade. A 15 minute walk in the other direction will take you to Regelade St Honere and Spring. If you arrive on Sunday when many places are closed Dans les Landes is a 15 minute metro ride on the #7 line that stops at Place Colette just outside the front of the PR.

    The closest food shopping street that meets the criteria of good is Rue Montorgueil (15 minute walk.) On the way are some very nice clothing and shoe shops on the Place des Victoiies and Rue Etienne Marcel. Good boulangerie is closer on Place des Petite Peres.

    Contact me in Phoenix when I get back later this week for more information if you like.

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      Thank you so much for such good suggestions. We are traveling with friends who live in Scottsdale, hence our familiarity with FNB. If you want, contact me directly at and we can talk more.


    2. "without spending a fortune"
      Please define. In the past, kind chowhounders have come up with a wealth of suggestions, only to realize after 30 time-wasting posts that the OP means 20 euro, or 200, euro per head.

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        I should have been more specific. We think reasonable, for everyday eating in Paris, would be about $75-$100 per person. Of course, we would love to find great food for less than that, but we are being realistic (I think). We were in Portugal last year and except for Assintura in Lisbon, we were able to maintain that range consistently. We know that France is not Portugal, but . . .

        1. re: antonia2

          Pretty much everything I mentioned above is in that price range except for Grand Vefour. Goust is Michelin star quality and well below that at lunch and just above at dinner.