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Apr 28, 2013 01:20 PM

Cannes in late June restaurant recommendations-no pretentiousness please!

Will be in Cannes (or nearby) in late June. Looking for really tasty food. The simpler, the better. Not interested in the place to be seen, tourist traps, or overrated chefs. Not interested in paying 140 euros for a bowl of fish stew (so much for a peasant dish....) Not that I mind paying for quality. But for 140e (cash only please) it better be one life changing, mind blowing, bowl of orgasmic soup.

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  1. Planning to spend a night in Cannes at the end of May and booked at la Table du Chef, as per this NYTimes article:
    If I remember to do so, I'll report back.

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      Just got back from Cannes and had dinner last night at la Table du Chef. The no-choice menu consists of 4 courses (appetizer, fish course, meat/poultry course, dessert) for 41€. I can't remember most of the finer details, but the appetizer was a pea & mint soup with a parmesan "crumble" and a dash of olive oil - really delicious. Dishes depends on the daily whim of the chef. Would definitely go back if I were in the area. Note that they turned away 3-4 couples while we were there - reservations are necessary.

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        Thanks so much for the recommendation. Sounds like just what i'm looking for. Making reservations now.
        Much obliged!