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Apr 28, 2013 12:58 PM

Haywire Burger Bar Westbrook, CT

My wife and I went to the Haywire Burger Bar in Westbrook for a quick dinner after an early movie last Saturday night.
We arrived at about 7:00 pm and the place was packed. The parking lot is unusual and has an absolutely crazy traffic flow. If you have a compact car option, you’d be wise to use it. If you ever go, you’ll understand my description
As I said above, the place was jammed. The crowd was very age-diverse. Lots of families, teens and, a bar that seemed to cater to single seniors. We waited about 30 mins before being seated.
The menu had a great selection of burgers and other non- beef selections. There was a good selection of appetizers. I had the Frico burger, which featured an 8 inch ring of crispy provolone and other condiments. My burger was served with fries. The burger was excellent, but a little unwieldy. My wife had the chicken Caesar salad burger, which she also liked, and a side salad instead of fries. The service was friendly and very good.
We’ll return.

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  1. How many ounces are the burgers, Tom? Do the servers ask how you want the burger cooked, I.e., medium rare, medium, well done? Thx.

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    1. re: chowmensch

      My burger was about 6 to 8 ounces. I don't recall what the menu said. Choices were "pink", or "no pink". Mine was ordered "pink", which was about medium rare.

      1. re: DrTomG

        We went a couple of weeks ago. 5-ish on a Saturday thinking it would be no issue. 4 of us, also waited about 30 minutes. Parking lot is too small, people were parking two doors down at a closed restaurant and walking. If that place opens it will be near impossible to park. Didn't ask if they take reservations, but if not I wouldn't even try to get in when summer comes.
        Friendly service, fun menu (fried pickles, spiked milkshakes, s'mores cooked on your table yourself, though I'd be concerned about young children, personally.)
        My burger was ok, forgot what I ordered, had some fried provolone cheese on top, which was tasteless.
        Good service, GREAT music (old rock, meant to ask what channel, must have been satellite.)
        Fun, different place, don't know how often we'll be back given the crowds and awkward parking though, food wasn't THAT good.

    2. Finally got to Haywire today. Right off the bat, let me tell you I love a RARE burger. So, as "pink" and "no pink" are your only choices, I already like every burger here less, no matter how creative, because it's not cooked the way I like it. Plan B will give you the same drill, yet I *have* had a rare burger there. Maybe I just got lucky?

      We went at an off-hour to avoid crowds--worked like a charm. No issues with parking, no wait, service was friendly and prompt.

      I like the fries! And I really like all the creative combos they've put together. But, from my perspective, it's just not for me if it's not rare. I had the Haywire burger. Couldn't taste the chipotle sauce on it. You can definitely taste the chipotle in their slaw, however--very tasty with a kick.

      My mom stole my idea of taking the Cobb toppings from the chicken "burger" and having it as a real burger instead...I liked hers better than mine, chock-full of toppings on sourdough toast. But, well, you know...

      It's always fun to try a new place. It's a cool setting. They make alcoholic milkshakes, fercryin'outloud! Folks are friendly. And if your burger preferences lean toward "pink" rather than mooing, you'll likely enjoy Haywire more than I did. But I'll be sticking to Plan B in G'bury when I feel like having a burger out.

      Pics as follows:
      1. Haywire burger
      2. Haywire cross section!
      3. Cobb burger (with beef)
      4. Cobb burger cross section!

      I like the American flag toothpicks! Happy 4th!

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      1. re: kattyeyes

        So Katy - I like myburgers rare as well - but can live with at least trying a MOIST pink burger? Would you say their burgers were moist? otherwise I think this might be a pass for me as well.....

        1. re: few

          They were definitely moist. Especially this time of year, though, I'd try to go at an off time so you don't have trouble parking or a long wait. :)