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Jun 12, 2002 09:57 AM

Indian food in Houston

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We are driving over to Houston this weekend from New Orleans and, in addition to our necessary visits to Arandas and a shopping spree at the Central Market, my husband is craving Indian food. I've perused the past postings on the board and I have some information on the Indian restaurant "mile" -- but does anyone have any current and specific recommendations?

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  1. For curries, saag paneer, etc. I think Shiva in the Rice Village area is very good. (I'm not a big tandoor fan, so maybe someone else can comment on that). India's on Richmond is an old standby that was still fine the last time I was there. Haven't been to Indika yet, but a lot of people love it. And guess what, there's a restaurant in Sugar Land called Cafe India that is as good as any place I've been in Houston. Their chicken biriyani is awesome. (service is pretty sluggish, though)
    There's a little storefront place on Hillcroft called Raja that serves an enormous plate of chicken curry for about $5.00! And they always have great rasmalai!

    1. Try Khyber (Richmond at Kirby), Viceroy, Shiva or India House. Houston has among the best Indian and Thai restaurants in the country.

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        ?!?! Where is this good Thai you're talking about? Haven't had good Thai in Houston since Nit Noi went to hell a couple years ago. Please help... recommended Golden Room on Montrose to some friends (for the soup, if nothing else), and I heard even the soup was bad now.

        Mai Thai on Kirby is good at times, but is pretty inconsistent.

        Please help!

        I agree with the Vietnamese comment, but would add Vietnam Coast on Hillcroft, to the list.

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          I agree that Nit Noi is not what it used to be. Try The Golden Room (last Saturday it was superb), Taste Of Thai (Louisiana at Gray, possibly the best in town), Patu (in the Village) and Kanomwan Thai (Telephone Road). We recently sampled Lotus of Siam in Las Vegas, purported to be the best in the U.S., and it doesn't hold a candle to these places IMHO.

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            I second the recommendations for Taste Of Thai (Louisiana at Gray) and Kanomwan (Telephone Road), but Patu (in the Rice Village) has disappointed me in the past.

            Next time you're in the Asian district on the west side of town, you might want to try Thai Spice Express (8282 Bellaire; see their menu at Or, if you get closer to the Beltway, there's Thai Corner, a tiny storefront in a new shopping center between Ba Ky restaurant and Dynasty Mall. It's a bit far back from the road, so look for the signs advertising a casino bus terminal in the same shopping center to find it. They've got about ten tables and accept cash only. I liked their whole fried fish, fried fish cakes and papaya salad.

            1. re: Forrest A.

              I just saw this after this thread was bumped up and HAD to chime in. Houston Thai doesn't come close to Lotus of Siam. LOS has some of the best food I have had anywhere at any price! Patu, TOT (closed) GR are run of the mill IMO and not much better than Nit Noi. Kanamwan is overhyped/overpriced albeit with a couple very good dishes.
              In Houston Vieng Thai is very good, and the Thai restaurant on Richmond near Hilcorft is good. Thai Corner, have not been in forever is small but pushes out some tasty stuff as well.

            2. re: Alx
              Houston Chick

              I swear by Patu in Rice Village. Small placem good service. The menu isn't a book like at Nit Noi, but the service is far better and I don't have to worry about dirty utensils at Patu. YUM!

              1. re: Alx

                The Golden Room going downhill? Say it isn't so!!!! We live in California, but we book 4 hour layovers in Houston when we are flying through, rent a car, and drive to the Golden Room to have the following: spicy mint beef, spicy mint chicken, and ka prau beef.

                Despite the name, you can get them mild. We've taken non-spice people there, and they were fine with the mild. We are big spice people but we get them medium because the flavors are balanced better.

                We have lived in NY, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Vegas. Can't find these dishes made this way anywhere else we've ever been. Soul food.

                We drive back with full and happy tummies and continue our journey.

                CA Scotch Chick

            3. I like the lunch setup at Madras Pavilion (3910 Kirby), and especially their giant dosas. I've been hearing mixed stories about Cafe Udupi not far down the road (2121 Richmond). Anyone have any opinions to offer on which does south Indian food better?

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                Houston Chick

                Madras Pavallion is far better than Udupi - even though I was cheering for Udupi when it opened because Houston needed another good South Indian place. I heard it was better when it first opened but my 1st visit didn't warrant a second.

              2. Ashiana was quite good, and I have heard many times its best Indian in down. I don't really like Indian food and I would go back, so maybe this will count for something.

                Favorite place for Thai in Houston right now is Thai Cottage on Bissonet (Bellaire).


                1. Don't go to Khyber. I have a problem with paying too much for Indian food. Good Indian like any good Asian cuisine should be cheap. Khyber is overpriced. Bombay Brasserie in the strip center at the corner of Richmond and Sage? is good. I've heard really good things about Indika on Memorial, but I have a feeling it goes against what I said earlier about paying too much for Indian food. Also try Shiva in Rice Village on Times.

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                    For Indian, I like Monsoon's lunch buffet on Westheimer near Hwy 6 in west Houston. It is classy, affordable, and fantastic!