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Apr 28, 2013 10:46 AM

Want to take veggies friends out to dinner

We will be visiting friends in Vancouver. They are now vegetarian and we are not. We would like a good food experience with both options. We love Portland food scene and have been to some great places on prior visits. Central or north Portland would be best rather than traveling too far south. Any cuisine or ethnic food will be great!

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  1. - never been, but heard good things of their all veg menu does a Veg dinner every now and then. Never been, but have had incredible other meals there.

      1. Thanks to all. I actually found Natural Selection also and it looks good. We can do vegetarian also, so I think that will work fine. After I posted this question, I did see the other question that you all linked too. I have to always try to do a search before I ask a question!

        1. Come to St. Johns (very close to the 'Couv, much to our chagrin) and eat at Proper Eats. 8638 N Lombard Ave, Portland, Oregon 503-445-2007

          The food is delicious, even to non-vegetarians.

          1. Another favorite of mine (got to meet the owner last time and chat with him in Italian) is Ethiopian food at E'Njoni Cafe, 910 N Killingsworth St Portland, OR 97217. (503) 286-1401