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SGV takeout run

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So I'm scheduling bi-weekly runs to the SGV to pick up food and bring home. The question is, what should we pick up?

Here's some ideas, some of which I'll be picking up today:

- VK food products/VP tofu - various tofu products
- Hien Khanh - che (vietnamese dessert)
- that bbq joint next to "Seafood Village - roast pork belly/bbq pork
- banh mi/viet deli items from Banh Mi My Tho
- banh cuon/banh xeo from hainam saigon
- take out dim sum - sea harbour/dim sum hut/etc
- frozen dumplings - dean sin world

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  1. Beijing Pie House - call ahead.

    1. Do you know something about the North Korean's intentions that we all don't?

      Cuz, your list right there is enough to stock a nuclear fall-out shelter for at least a month or so.

      In any event, fresh uncooked sausages at SinBaLa, and then go next door to Cozy Cafe and get some "lu wei" (or head to Dai Ho and get it there).

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      1. re: ipsedixit

        not saying i would get it all at once, just a few items from the list each time i go.

      2. is this a service you can provide for others? cos id be happy to have you make a drop on my porch...

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        1. re: linus

          Hey now there's a business idea. 20% service charge and I'd think about it. I accept PayPal.

          1. re: ns1

            the check is...in the mail?

        2. Approx how far are you, and from which direction, if you don't mind me asking :D

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          1. Bánh mì thịt nướng (roast pork sandwich) and chả giò (egg rolls) at Bánh Mì Mỹ Tho

            1. nem chua @ Saigon's Sandwish (goes w/ rye + IPA, way better than shit from BMCC).

              Baguette City > BMMT by miles.

              Banh cuon, from BMCC (even tho BMCC's banh mi is hogwash) Valley Blvd is fresher, and cheaper, than Hainam Saigon.

              VP > VK, everyday. Bring your own glass jar to avoid BPA.

              weekends only: beef offals "salad" from Yun Chuan, MPK.

              Skip frozen dumplings from DSW until Mrs. Lu is back. She's not; her car hasn't been there since CNY.

              mohinga from "that lady" on weekend mornings.

              jack fruit salad and banh loc (or other banh's) from Kim Hoa Hue.

              home made lod chong @ Hoy Ka (go early on weekends.) to-go.

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              1. re: TonyC

                thanks; interesting against-the-grain recs.

                got a place for banh hoi in the 626? the kind on styrofoam sold at delis, not the ones from sitdown restuarants.

                they used to be everywhere in little saigon when i was a kid, but completely 404 in the 626. looked everywhere for them today and yelp was no help either.

                1. re: ns1

                  ns1: perhaps banh hoi deserves its own thread? Like banh beo, it's not one of my faves so I can't really help. SG superstore, etc. obvs have "plain" banh hoi, but if you want it prepped/dressed with a side of nem nuong/thit nuong... gotta look harder

                  1. re: TonyC

                    nah, I'm just looking for plain + fried shallots.

                    I was at "the square" over the weekend and no dice, I'll keep trying other supermarkets. Guess I gotta find a chinese/viet supermarket, and not a chinese/korean.

                2. re: TonyC

                  +1 on VP. I defer to Tony on the other VN recs. He's got them covered.

                  No faith in Mrs. Lu's 妹妹? (I admit I got a frozen bag recently and they were good, but...)

                  ...and this beef offals "salad" at Yunkun. Cold table?

                3. Nem nuong from Nem Nuong Ninh Hoa.

                  1. Sea Harbour does take out dim sum ? Dope.

                    1. Load up on baked goods from JJ Bakery in Arcadia.

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                        1. re: Sgee

                          Add Oh My Pan on San Gabriel and Valley to the bake list. If ns1 is willing to hit Pasadena, Flour and Tea is doing some really good stuff. The tea is excellent, and the breads and pastries are worth the trip.

                          1. re: bulavinaka

                            Their green tea is pretty solid. On the bold side (as opposed to AU79, which is fragrant), but very consistent.

                            1. re: bulavinaka

                              Yes! Jonathan bakes everything @ OhMyPan! Forgot all about it!

                              ns1, i did Hien Khanh this weekend w/o getting cut-off. went straight for the youngest girl who spoke English. English is like garlic to the vampires; wards off the grammies.

                              didn't see any banh hoi this weekend at the various counters either.

                              also, I think a fresh chicken feet / liver stop at Cal Poultry is always necessary. satisfies both the French, and Vietnamese cook in everyone.