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Apr 28, 2013 10:21 AM

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Perhaps there should be a time limit on the related posts that appear in the right-hand column, say a year since the most recent reply.

On the Boston board, e.g., there was a new post about a Burmese Food Festival next week in Lowell. One of the related messages was from a food fair in 2008! The most recent reply was in 2011. Useless, particularly for an event. Even for a restaurant still in business, stale information can be misleading.

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  1. It would be helpful if a CH board existed just for time sensitive announcements and general information that has an obvious expiration. Then purging the files would be contained to one space and easier to separate out.

    Thanks for posting this peregrine.

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    1. I'm still advocating some kind of a "Colour code" idea for all threads.
      Once any thread is 6 months old,
      the title isn't bold anymore, or
      it has a light gray background [but much lighter than the "you've read all of this" or
      black is newer and blue is older

      Clearly, there are tons of options....

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      1. re: Kris in Beijing

        Do you want this indicator on all posts across the boards or only on specific boards?

      2. Picking up from HillJ: One way to do this would be a Current Events sticky at the top of each geographical forum for food festivals and other one-shot topics. That would be easy for the mods to track and edit.

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        1. re: peregrine

          And, typically an email to the Mods asking that your now expired announcement post be deleted is easy enough to request when appropriate. I've already seen this occur on Regional boards. The thing is remembering to ask the Mods for deletion.

          1. re: HillJ

            The Boston board has a monthly thread on restaurant openings and closings, with the month stated in the subject line. On that model, a monthly thread on current events would do it.

            1. re: peregrine

              How did that useful pattern become the norm? It would be so helpful if subject lines were written in a format that helped CH's comb thru quickly.

          2. re: peregrine

            Here's how we do it on the SF Bay Area board, a new thread each month.
            "San Francisco Bay Area Food Festivals and Events - April, 2013"