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Apr 28, 2013 09:01 AM

Baby Friendly Restaurants?

We live in the Somerville/Arlington/Medford area and have a new baby. When the new GrandMoms visit they are always willing to buy us a nice dinner. We are wondering if there is any one knows a nice family/baby friendly restaurants with really good food?

We like (not all in one place obviously):
-fine dinning with quality food and excellent service.
-traditional New England cooking.
-traditional Mexican home cooking (Not trendy like painted burro).
-casual dinning or take out with quality flavorful food.

Hennettias Table and Legal Seafoods have been a hit with both Grandmas. My Ma liked Tu Y Yu but wished they used more spicy heat in their dishes. My husbands Mom, on the other hand thinks bell peppers and tomatoes are "too spicy" No wonder I just end up cooking at home most of the time.

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      1. I've got a five week old we've been taking out since week two. What I've found is almost every restaurant (other than the absolute most upscale) are usually totally cool with babies as long as you come on the earlier side (before 6) so that they aren't yet slammed and can accommodate a stroller (or a non-paying/eating baby taking up a seat). We've hit up Island Creek, Dok Bua, Coppa, Gaslight, Sweet Cheeks, Sol Azteca, JoJo Taipei, an a few others with great results.