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Apr 28, 2013 08:58 AM

Louro/The Dutch/Perry St. The always-fun (right?) Birthday Dinner Shuffle

Having a hell of a time finding a birthday restaurant. At the moment I'm thinking Louro, The Dutch or the newly reopened Perry St., with Angolo Soho, Blue Ribbon Bakery and Cookshop as backups. Also, has anyone been to Craftbar lately? The menu looks pretty sweet but can't find too much intel on the current chef/iteration. Thanks for any guidance!

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  1. louro is the newest and probably liveliest of the list here. going with a group and sharing lots of stuff is the way to go. older crowd earlier in the evening...gets a little younger after 9pm.

    the dutch...ive found is mostly filled with tourists. i liked my food there...didnt love it. want to go back at some point but never really make an effort.

    perry street...i like the food but its so far west, tends to be empty and sterile.

    blue ribbon bakery is a regular spot for me but mainly for brunch and lunch. ive found dinner there to be merely ok...a bit expensive for what it is.

    cookshop has gone downhill in my opinion. more of a place for highline refugees than a good restaurant in its own right.

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      Thanks for your input, I had similar concerns about every place you mentioned. I missed out on Cookshop in it's heyday, but I love Five Points so was banking on a similar vibe.

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        Agreed on Cookshop, and I was not overwhelmed with Craftbar, either.

      2. How many people? When is this meal? Do you already have reservations?

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          Apologies for the vague description!

          It's going to be four of us: me, my girlfriend and my folks (for Dad's 63rd birthday). It's in a couple of weeks, and we currently have a reservation at Louro. Perla was my first choice but they booked up immediately and alas, I was too late when I called a few hrs into their day.

          Eschewing reservations altogether, they seemed very interested in Tertulia (they've made a few trips to Spain and absolutely loved it), but they only take reservations for their $55/pp family-style prix-fixe (similar to what Barbuto does in their PDR). What's the chance of there being a not-horrible wait on a Saturday night around 6:30pm?

          I've also been very much happy but not wowed by The Dutch, though my parents voiced their interest. Seems that they're more into downtown/hip rather than choosing just based on food irregardless of location (my second choice of Lincoln was shot down, despite the birthday boy's love of the theater).

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            I went to Tertulia recently on a Thursday around 7pm, barely waited at all. Saturday, early, I imagine you'd have a short wait. But probably not too bad. They have their outdoor seating set up now as well.

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              outdoor seating on 6th ave? i wouldnt want to eat outside on that block.

        2. Louro is the best choice by far, especially if you have not tried it yet. You will be hooked.

          1. I wasn't going to comment on this thread, since I started the long Louro thread here, but I just got back from the "Shakespeare Birthday Dinner" at Louro tonight and every dish was stellar. I've never eaten at the Dutch but Louro blows Perry St. away. If you do go to Louro, make sure and let someone know about the birthdays. Dave will probably do something to commemorate the day.

            1. I'll vote for Louro, too - although of those on your list, I've only been to Louro and The Dutch.

              We went to Louro Saturday night and there were a couple birthday celebrations going on - definitely a festive, fun environment. And while food doesn't seem to be the primary focus of this dinner, it was really excellent (great service, too). I'd call it "hip."