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Singapore - Best chicken ramen at Tsukada Nojo, Plaza Singapura

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Unlike many folks, especially Japanophiles among my friends, who have a fondness for Japanese ramen, I had no such compulsion for a dish which I personally regard as simply glorified instant "Maggi noodles" (standard student fare in Singapore). I'd tried almost every ramen spot in Singapore - Ippudo @ Mandarin Galleries, Miharu @ Gallery Hotel, Santouka @ Clarke Quay, etc - but have yet to come across any which would make me want to return the very next day.

But Tsukada Nojo, which I just tried two days ago, came *real* close. What I had:

Appetiser: Nikumaki Onigiri - rice balls wrapped in thinly-sliced pork and baked in a special sauce. These were pretty tasty, although the pork were slightly chewier than I'd have preferred, and the rice ball was pretty heavy and stodgy.

Tori Nikomi Ramen Shio - the BEST ramen I'd ever had! Intensely-flavoured chicken stock, lovely egg with molten centre, well-marinated chicken slices, nori and thinly-sliced leeks (indispensable). The Hakata-style thin noodles were very nice. I finished every drop in the bowl!

Address details
Tsukada Nojo
Plaza Singapura #03-81
68 Orchard Road
Singapore 238839
Tel: +65 6336 5003

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  1. It's very rich and not for people who may abhor strong chickeny flavour or taste. I like the cheese-topped nikumaki onigiri.