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Apr 28, 2013 07:50 AM

Best cart-style dim sum in Seattle

I'd appreciate a recommendation or two for a Sunday dim sum restaurant please. Would like one where servers push carts around. Thank you!!

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  1. Harbor City has become my go-to for this. Last time I was pleased to see they were offering some more unique dumplings (rather than just LCD stuff otherwise available at Jade Garden and most other houses in the ID).

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    1. re: equinoise

      I had dinner at Harbor City last week and some dim sum items were part of the banquet. The Har Gow and Siu Mai were both really good and very large!

      1. re: equinoise

        We ALWAYS go to Jade Garden :) and really like it but we're going to be in SEA for two weeks in August so will definitely check out Harbor City.

        @OP - curious why you want carts? When given the choice, I always opt for menu. So much fresher. And even at cart places, you can still order items. Generally.

      2. Other hounds may disagree, but after trying numerous Seattle dim sum restos, we like Sun Ya and O'Asian.

        1. It's a toss up now between Joi's and Top Gun, both in Bellevue. The ID stuff has gone downhill for a while now...

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            I've not been to Bellevue but I've been eating at Jade Garden for probably ten years and have found no decline. And I find it quite good. And I seek out dim sum wherever I travel.

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              Isn't O'Asian still owned by the same people who own Top Gun?

              1. re: Jeffo405

                Yes. I believe the current chef used to own Noble Court in Bellevue.

                Not too much of a fan of O'Asian myself - their stuff always tastes so "sanitized". A lot of interesting sauces/spices/herbs are absent from many items. But they certainly seem to get more business from a higher-end clientele than Joi's in Bellevue, so that makes sense.