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Apr 28, 2013 07:03 AM

New Farmer's Market--Upper Red Hook

I went to an indoor farmer's market last Saturday and I was impressed! Located in the basement of a century old dairy barn on the Greig farm property, not only were there farmers and bakers who also frequent other markets, but there were a large number who were new to me.

This is a year round market open on Saturdays from 10AM to 3PM; I was also told that during the summer they plan to expand outdoors.

Here are two links that explain more:

In conclusion, I feel that this market may rival the ones in Rhinebeck and Kingston--the two best in the Hudson Valley.

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  1. Thank you, thank you...
    I too had been enjoying the winter market in Red Hook held at the Elmendorph Inn.
    I really didn't bother looking up in the direction of the barn when going to gigi market because for a long time there was only wine being sold in that space, I had no idea things had changed never even saw the "farmers market" sign on 9.

    Attached are some photos of last Saturday's market and some of what was purchased, cooked and consumed
    The chicken (Feather ridge) was incredible
    The pretzel crossiants made a great stuffing for the chicken
    asparagus wonderful
    fromage blanc made with goat milk, with dill and chives from Acorn Hill, unbelievably delicious...must get more!
    one couple arrived in this
    sampled some dandelion fritters
    purchased a loaf of sourdough from gigi's (not pictured)
    that made teriffic french toast
    Very much looking forward to going back ( they have already begun to expand outside)

    1. A few more vendors: