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Apr 28, 2013 04:02 AM

Simple dining at it's best

Started my weekend off with my pup at the Bond St. Bar. A bucket of nips, Cali cheesebuger and their wonderful wings - always enjoy meeting the decidedly younger group out on the side yard having a smoke or eating. Simple pleasures, unpretentious conversations, and smiles.

Left the native plant swap up at Deep Cut Park yesterday and convinced a friend to eat Mexican (while I played some Flaco Jimenez's great norteno accordion playing on the CD player). He wanted to take me to a good Indian buffet in Middletown and I told him that us gardeners, us peasants should eat the indigenous food of our prior life. Steered the car into RB before the International Flavor festival and just had a simple plate of carnitas tacos and their wonderful fresh squeezed orange juice. Enjoyed flirting with the gal at the register. She of black hair, eyes smiling, singing while working. That it was in a kitchen and not on a farm or a field, didn't matter. It was pure heaven.

Later in the day, my wife wanted to go to Pho Le (and I wanted no part of RB even though it's a way from yesterday's action). Opted for Izu and while I enjoyed a few of their signature rolls, my wife ordered the filet mignon teriyaki (highly recommended).

Weekends are just too damned brief.

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  1. Where'd you get your tacos?

    We recently did a walkin' & eatin' tour of RB. Fueled by tequila and beer, we most enjoyed the wood fired pizza at Biagio's, the Italian hot dog at Mr. Pizza Slice, and the El Pastor burrito from North of the Border, and a still warm bialy from the Bagel Oven the next morning. All very simple stuff.

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    1. re: MGZ

      Sorry as I didn't mention the hole in the wall. North of the Border - right next to Wall St bar just across the street from the train station.

      Looking around, there's another couple within walking distance. Saw Senor Peppers and another taquiera which I didn't catch the name.

      1. re: JustJake

        I know NOTB very well. It's my favorite RB restaurant. That's where we got the burrito from.

        1. re: MGZ

          It does serve very simple peasant Mexican - it's where you want to be should you want to have a burrito, enchilada, etc.

          I've been to El Familiar, Juanito's and it's just different and better.