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Apr 28, 2013 12:12 AM

Isse workshop still in business ? And any relation to Isse Izakaya ?

Looking for a place to find yuzu products, unfourtanatly K-Mart have not been good enough for that cause in last visits. Reading about Isse workshop, and it seems that i might find there yuzu powder and juice, at least one article says that Herme buys it from them, or so :-)
But the website is not working, and i can't find helpful details to determine opening hours etc..
And regarding Isse Izakaya - interesting place ? Might be a good option for us in middle of Louvre day, and a variation from French food.. Or maybe take the short metro ride to Toyo..

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  1. Do not know if this helps but found yuzu marmalade at Au Bon Marche this week. This unlike most yuzu marmalade was made in Japan not Korea. If you like confiture this style is otherworldly.

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      Cool, will look for that, as it also might be a great addition when making sweets at home, thank you.

    2. Yes Isse Workshop is in business. Open weekdays and Saturdays until 7 pm or so, since it is both a shop and a restaurant. The owner just opened a new izakaya right in front of the shop, so I am not sure the workshop still works as a restaurant at lunchtime.

      For one thing I am also not sure the izakaya Isse on rue de Richelieu is still going on. I think the theme has changed (not the owner, for there is a genuine Kuroda empire in that neighborhood, about five restaurants).

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        “ I am also not sure the izakaya Isse on rue de Richelieu is still going on”
        Yes it is. I passed by yesterday in the middle of the afternoon.

        1. re: Parigi

          Thanks everyone for the info, will check at least the workshop..

      2. Another question for the good people here :-) Anyone tried Azabu in the 6th ? Just got a very warm reco for it, but not sure about it, a bit suspicious "-) Weird, i think there is no mentioning for it in the forum, altough the name is quite familiar to me.