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Apr 28, 2013 12:08 AM

Anyone know any good Deep Dish/regular Pizza recipes?

I've been craving Pizza, Pizza is everywhere in my mind. I checked my pantry and I have all the ingredients except for cheese and maybe some spices. I think I'll make a big dinner later. I tried google but I can't seem to find any recipes with my taste then again I don't really know the sauce ingredients of a NYC Pizza or Chicago deep dish.

If you guys know any that would be great. I prefer Cheesy Pizzas not really into the veggie kind.

Edit: I just realized this too late I'll also take Sicilian recipes

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  1. Cooks Illustrated did a Chicago-style deep dish pizza recipe that you might want to check out:

    recipe here -

    with a very detailed illustrated directions here:

    I haven't tried it because deep dish isn't my thing, but if that's what you are craving, this looks delicious.

    1. I pre bake the shells on both sides on a medium heat pizza stone. Then I always wipe some OO on the shell then a sprinkle of cheese then some caramelized sweet onions then whatever toppings I feel like topped with some thin slices of provolone. Then onto a medium hot pizza stone until the cheese/toppings are nice and hot and melted.
      Wiping the shell with the OO then putting on some cheese somehow makes the toppings not want to slide off the shell.

      1. Serious Eats has awesome pan and deep dish recipes.

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          Serious Eats is the place to be for pizza making instructions.