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Apr 27, 2013 09:10 PM

No. 1 Noodle House - pop up in Boneta space

My husband and I want to have a ramen lunch date and our plan was Kintaro. However Kintaro doesn't open until noon and we were hoping to eat a little earlier (like 11:30). Looking for an alternative, I stumbled across this new pop-up restaurant being run by Mark Brand in the old Boneta space on Cordova. They only opened last week, and they're supposed to start lunch service next week. Has anyone tried them?

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  1. I've seen some buzz on twitter. I haven't been (and it doesn't really interest me).

    1. I went to their soft opening last week. Good. Room for improvement for sure, but it's still early days for them. I want to go back to try their spicy chicken ramen, which they just added last week.

      Their chicken wings are good but a little too heavy-handed saucing. The edamame had way too much sesame oil. Their banh mi frankly doesn't measure up to any Kingsway banh mi. But it's a cool space and after a drunken night at Alibi Room I wouldn't say no to any of the food there ;)

      Here's a pic of their tonkotsu. The noodle firmness was spot-on for me but the broth still needs some work. And I'm not crazy about arugula in ramen. Take all of what I'm saying with a grain of salt because I'm sure the food will evolve/improve over the coming weeks.

      1. Went last Saturday - I was underwhelmed. With that being said, I think they were spread a little thin and not expecting the turn they had gotten as they were out of many menu items.

        I would probably try again but the restaurant isn't really my style -- I like more authentic tasting dishes and think I would opt for Kintaro or Hokkaido. Would be good for a late night snack though.

        Beer menu didn't appeal to me at all and neither did the blaring club music.

        I wouldn't say don't go, its just wasn't for me.