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Apr 27, 2013 08:31 PM

The very best risotto..

Where can I get the best risottos in S.F. or the East Bay? Don't care about cost. And if I may narrow it somewhat, the wild mushroom and/or shellfish(scallop, lobster, shrimp) offerings I prefer. And butternut squash, if anyone does that.

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  1. the risotto at one market is the best i've found. but it is only served at lunch. and it has a duck confit on it that i don't think goes all that well.

    quince serves one -- it is good, but i wasn't blown away by it.

    i used to like the one at vivande, but they went out of business.

    the one at north beach restaurant is so-so at best.

    you are probably best off making this dish at home.

    1. I've enjoyed the mushroom risotto at Scala's, though it was a bit like eating a bowl of melted butter. I believe the chef has left or is leaving, so I'm not sure if it's still good.

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          1. I think beretta does a nice risotto. I've only had the squid ink version, but it was nice and creamy.