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Apr 27, 2013 08:24 PM

Drinks Date on Thurs - Need some help with suggestions (not The Eveleigh)

So I have a date with a pretty lady this Thursday. I've been out with her a few times before. We went to The Eveleigh during the week recently and it had a great vibe. Not crazy packed but busy, nice aesthetic, loudish (I'm looking for a place with a more vibrant atmosphere).

Something like Laurel Hardware would be good if it weren't so packed.

I'd like to stay in BH, West Hollywood or Culver City if possible... but would be willing to travel a little more eastward for a good spot. Any ideas?


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  1. East: Rivera, Edison. West: Hungry Cat, Son of A Gun.

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      I'm reading that the OP is looking for a place to go out for drinks..... The bars at both of your West recommendations are tiny, really more there for some who want to eat alone and to service the tables. And SoaG does not even have a full liquor license, last time I was there.

      1. The Phoenix on La Cienega has similar decor and vibe as The Eveleigh. They have a limited food menu that I've never tried, but the drinks are good, there's an outdoor patio, and they have a games area. It's a bar/lounge with food rather than a full restaurant.

            1. If just wine would do....and not cocktails....I'm a big fan of 3Twenty Wine Lounge on LaBrea. Good food. Nice vice. And Edgar, the owner/sommelier is terrific. He's there to provide recommendations, but will leave you on your own....if that's what you'd like. Great place......