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Apr 27, 2013 07:24 PM

Papa John's in Marlboro - Gone


They were there.. what.. maybe 6 months? Hard to understand a chain pizza place going under. (They were located on Rt. 9 North just before Costco). In my opinion, they have the worst pizza of all the chains, so not sorry to see them go. Passed by today, there is a For Rent sign in the window.. BUT I could have sworn there was a sign on the door that said "Steak."

  1. Expeltive them and I couldn't be happier reading this. Really.

    I mean, I still don't understand how a pizza chain can exist in NJ - is it all about getting 2 pies for $10 or whatever bullsh*t gimmick, high volume thing that snookers Stepford suburbia?


    1. Is there any benefit to ordering pizza from a chain instead of a local shop? It's not any faster, cheaper or more convenient.

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      1. re: ebchower

        Yes, there is a benefit. A "large" pie with everything from Papa John's can be had for around 10 bucks...if you try to get something like that from a local pizza joint you're talking close to 20 bucks.

        I only get chain pizzas when I have a hankering for an everything pie.

      2. Chain bashing.....chowhounds favorite sport. Has anyone considered the jobs and taxes lost as a consequence?

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        1. re: fourunder

          Knew it was only a matter of time that someone would come on here chiming in on that slant.

          Question, are you patronizing this outfit because of your purported concern about revenue and jobs? Schnatter didn't give a ratsa** as to jobs when asked about PAACA (like it or hate it) and it was only when he was overwhelmed by a tsuanmi of negative feedback did he spit his scrota outta his mouth and change his tune. Pizza making - a profit margin as great as that of the eyeglass industry, the hearing aid industry, pharmaceuticals, etc. etc etc.

          I'll leave by saying the product's garbage just like all of the pizza chains. Remember, you're on the Jersey Chowhound site and not Iowa's or Kansas or Alabama's. Even our pedestrian stuff is head and shoulders over the chains. And that's where the topic should remain front and center.

          1. re: JustJake

            You make assumptions like they are I'll make a few of my own. You say the stuff is crap....the only way you could truly know is if you purchased the products all the chains. If you know it's crap, then why did you purchase them in the first place?....I'll bet you never purchased them right?

            btw....while I do not go to Papa John's, Pizza Hut or Domino's.....I have been to more than a few other chains in my past travels.....and many of them are far superior to the many Mom and Pop's I've had in New Jersey.....including Federici's and Pete & Elda's, which are both mediocre at best.

            1. re: fourunder

              I have tried papa Johns and it is crap . I don't need to keep eating mediocre pizza when there's far better available .

              1. re: arpad

                Thank you and while I've wrestled with reality a time or two in this lifetime (courtesy of some bad lysergic), I didn't think I was in Kansas.

              2. re: fourunder

                Correct. I have never eaten at a PJ's, a Dominos, or any of the chains. When my kids were younger, I recall having to stomach a Pizza Hut slice, just to be nice. That's been it Fourunder. I don't buy frozen pizza. I don't patronize the chains because they don't stack up to the rest of NJ.

                Regardless of my not ever having a Papa John's pizza, I'll defer to you to critique it vs the mundane family own pizzaria in your 'hood. Please run through the process as to how they make the dough, let it sit for 24 hours, make their own sauce, etc etc.

                For what it's worth, I had a slice of Pizza Orsillo's on Friday. A grandma's slice that more than likely has no equal in NJ and maybe even the other side of the Hudson. Got there at 11:50 on Friday and only ordered one. Dude right after me ordered 2 slices, and we struck up a nice convo as to the unbelievable flavor, the accent on fresh ingredients and TASTE, the TASTE!!!!!!! I can assure you that there was no lamenting about not having cheese in our crust either.

                Sorry, as I came on a little bit heavy here and it has nothing to do with Schnatter's politics. PJ's is lumped into the other chains when it comes to quality regardless if they sit atop the pecking order or polls when it comes to chain pizza.. That they can compete here in NJ is astounding - which is why I used the Stepford suburbia terms.

                Using my broad brush may be a bit overstated but the parallel is closer to my wanting a burger. Having eaten a McDonald's burger in my life, do I simply say when hungry, that it's fast and it's only a buck. So I go??

                NO. And I don't believe that I'm cheating myself nor am I being stubborn for not ever ordering from PJ's. Can I get a slice there to make an assessment? Or do I have to buy the whole enchilada? Help a myopic bastard out here. ;-)

            2. re: fourunder

              But if people go to a local pizza place instead of a chain, they're still supporting a business that provides jobs and pays taxes, aren't they?

              1. re: eleeper

                When a local business goes you and other chowhounds come on this site and cheer? You can choose to support any business you want....or not, but to be happy about a business going out seems a little cold to me.....especially when the owner of the franchise is a local to the community.

                It's not about who is providing jobs and paying's about who will not be doing so and not having any compassion for your own local community and the hardship felt by the ones who lost their jobs. What precisely did this independent owner do to you personally to feel such disdain.

            3. I wouldn't support Papa John's after his comments back in November regarding health care for his employees. The guy lives in a castle, and had the nerve to say crap like that. Good riddance.

              1. Don't worry, Papa John lovers, there is still one on South Street in Freehold, the town which may soon become the NJ Capital of Chain Restaurants. : - )